Who I be

 Straight Outta Hackney – raw and unedited.

With all the twist and turns my life has taken, I sometimes feel I’m one incident away from being a report on the 6 O’Clock news. But deep down I’m just an unusually unusual old fashioned gal, living in East London.

I first lived in Hackney as a 16 year old, but couldn’t wait to leave. In my early twenties, I bought a one way ticket to New York, hell bent on living in the Bahamas. While I didn’t end up living in the Bahamas, I spent an awesome summer there and ended up in living in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara – California, Austin and  San Antonio Texas as well as NewOrleans. The rest as they say, is one long sordid story spread over 18 years 🙂  I have been back in Hackney for over 5 years and like it much more, this time round.

With a habit of  always saying what’s on my mind, I have a knack of getting into trouble without trying only because I feel I am misunderstood, I am told by my family I have a big mouth and a tendency to be a tad belligerent.

I like to think I’ve mellowed with age, but there seems to be apart of me that is still at war with the world and to be honest, I feel I’m also at war with myself. This often leads me into a whole lot of trouble, although it’s fair to blame it on some of my best qualities: intelligence, original thinking, willingness to take risks, skepticism, rebelliousness, independence, and creativity.  But you know what,  I think much of the trouble I get into is because I can’t help pointing out that the emperor is naked.

I admit that I still some times live by my own rules, nobody else’s. Not even my own. And that can get scary.

Just like Sienfield, this blog is about nothing in particular, just whatever takes my fancy on any particular day.