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Mark Lancaster Sponsor A Scholars “assesor” arrested and questioned

I have been preoccupied with Christmas and work so a bit behind with writing about stuff. A couple of weeks ago Mark Lancaster, the skanky predatory sexual deviant was finally arrested.  According to The Independent  who carried out an undercover investigation and were the first to break the story,  Lancaster, 39,  was arrested at a […]

Don’t blame the DJ’s at 2DayFM for Jacintha Saldanha death

Put your pitch forks and your collective self-righteousness away, calm down and listen up. There is only so much one can convey in 140 characters, which is probably why some people interpreted my tweet last night in support of the Australian DJ’s, Mel Greig and Michael Christian as cold and callous. I can assure you […]

I never had a crush on my maths teacher, Megan Stammers and who really cares about plebegate.

    This unfortunate mess about the 15 year old girl and her maths teacher running off to France together, has got me thinking of a few things. One of my maths teachers, The Police song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” and a cousin.  Maths teacher/pupil indiscretion is alarming close to what happened to […]

Prince Harry is not the only high profile naked man

What has Prince Harry, country singer Randy Travis and Kony 2012 co-founder Jason Russell have in common? The ability to make news looking the way they did, when they popped out of mummy’s whoha. Randy Travis Earlier this month country crooner Randy Travis, was found buck naked, bruised, and smelling of alcohol, lying by the […]

Prince Harry NAKED in sin city: What happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas

I’m just so glad that camera phones where not around in the late 80’s and part of the 90’s when I did some serious partying and some regretful things, there are pictures and videos out there, which I’ve told myself not to worry about, since some people had more to lose than I. Trust me, […]

No Jessica, you were not overreacting

It’s an uncertain world we live in, where other humans will commit unimaginable acts on their neighbours. Life as you said is a ‘blessing’, none of us are guaranteed another day and a moment can be snatched in just seconds. It’s very natural for us to go over things the way you did after a […]

Bruno Hall, father of Mark Duggan dies

Almost a year after losing Mark, the Duggan family have lost another member. Bruno Hall has passed on. I called youth activist, campaigner and one time Conservative Councillor candidate for Edmonton, Ken Hinds this evening to confirm it, and was told Mr Hall passed away over a week ago from cancer he was recently diagnosed […]

Britain: Go on admit it, y’all are gagging for it aren’t you?

You would be forgiven in thinking you were watching a movie, of the emperor offering the Romans, games and sacrifices in the Colosseum.  The grateful slaves subjects delighting in Elizabeth’s presence and all the pomp that went with the celebrations. I watched bemused as my fellow country women and men, despite it bucketing down with […]

Russell Brand, Shaun Attwood, talking drugs to Stoke Newington students

Two high profile former druggies spoke with students at Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form earlier this month, (not on the same day) about the pitfalls you face if you go down that path. One brought his mum and the other brought a BBC film crew. Russell Brand was there as part of a documentary […]

Even nice girls like me love a bit of Sean Penn once in a while

  AARP (for the uninitiated in Britain, America Association of Retired Persons) published their list of 21 sexiest men over 50 this week, and while it included a handful of  “I wouldn’t throw out of bed mature fellas”, I noticed Sean Penn was missing from the list that included Steven Spielberg. What? Eh?Too each their […]

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