stoke newington high street

WARNING TO PERPS: Do not mess with Stoke Newington’s J Parsons Butchers

Who could forget the Turkish and Kurdish shopkeepers stand off against looters and rioters, along Kingsland High Road and Stoke Newington High Street during last Augusts riots. Aided by other members of the Turkish community, they loudly chased off several attempts by gangs of youths with sticks and any heavy objects they could find, including […]

No Sainsbury’s Stoke Newington Bullies: Don’t agree with us and we boycott your business

I wasn’t surprised by the actions of some members of  Stokey Local, a loose ensemble of people who are against the proposal of a new S ainsburys in Stoke Newington.  The hypocrisy and nastiness of these people pretty much sums them and the whole movement of people in various enclaves of Hackney, who feel they […]