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11 year old Hasidic boy sexually assaulted in Stamford Hill

11 year old Hasidic boy sexually assaulted in Stamford Hill

 UPDATE: A MAN WAS ARRESTED ON MONDAY AND IS IN POLICE CUSTODY And they are still keeping it on the down low. So far they have managed to keep it out of the press, even the Jewish Chronicle. The only places to report the assault that occurred on Sunday morning, on Oldhill Street in Stamford […]

Cllr Abraham Jacobson’s kosher kitchen konspiracy

Cllr Abraham Jacobson’s kosher kitchen konspiracy

    What strikes me most about Cllr Abramson Jacobson is his sheer arrogance, stupidity and pettiness, oh yeah the man is petty.  His latest outburst (and there have been a few of them) did not surprise me, it was business as usual for a man who has no business being a representative of the […]

Police, thieves, speeding in the hood and a wannabe Sainsburys hero

Police, thieves, speeding in the hood and a wannabe Sainsburys hero

  Over the Easter weekend 2 men died after the car they were in, clipped another vehicle before they rammed into a wall while trying to evade police chasing them in Haringey. The driver who I assume was their buddy, lived and was arrested. I remember thinking at the time the deaths could have been […]

Keeping things on the down low: Orthodox Jewish man arrested for alleged indecent assault on child in Stamford Hill

[map style=”width: 400px ; height:300px ; margin:20px 20px 20px 20px; border: 1px solid black;” address=”paget road n16″ marker=”yes” maptype=”OSM”] Since Sunday I have been receiving traffic to my blog from people googling ‘Stamford Hill arrest’.  I am told the same thing has been happening on Hackney Hive too. Attempts to find out what happened by […]

Nice body shame about the face

Snow finally arrived in Hackney last night. A little later than I wanted it to, but all the same very welcome by me, and from the squealing sounds of children playing in the snow on either sides of my home this morning, they too. Oh and my dogs were over joyed too, evident from the victory […]

So that’s why all the gridlock in Hackney today

    In case you are wondering why Hackney was gridlocked today, it’s because some poor fella was threatening to jump off a bridge over the A12 in Leytonstone. The stretch from the Green Man roundabout to the Lea interchange was closed in both directions for about 4 hours, while police and the rest of the crew […]

Seperate attacks on women in Stamford Hill, Finsbury Park and Crouch End

UPDATE: See photos of suspect below   Some rather disturbing news about a young woman being grabbed as she walked along Oldhill Street N16. According to the twitter message posted by a friend of a friend: Friend’s female colleague was bundled into a grey van late thurs night on Oldhill Street N16 but managed to […]

Segregation in Clapton Common new play area?

I’m looking at the photos on Hackney Hive of the new playground on Clapton Common/ Stamford Hill, and between the photos and what I’ve seen driving by, I don’t know what to make of it. The photo’s sent out by Hackney Council PR show exclusively Orthodox children at the official opening of the play area, […]