Shots fired at Broadway Market Turkish restaurant

Every once in a while hipsters and general folk, get a not so gentle reminder that they are still in the hood. Gentrification and tarting up a rough part of town doesn’t always shield people from this type of madness. Such was the case for diners at  Solche Grill and Meze Bar in Broadway market, […]

Jenner/Evering Road Shooting – They be shooting in the manor again

For those wondering why parts of Evering Road in Stoke Newington has been taped off, there was a shooting in the manor last night. Actually it was on Jenner Road. A guy in his late 30’s showed up at an East London Hospital at about 9.30pm last night, with three gunshot wounds and was transferred […]

Man in early 20’s tasered and shot in Forest Hill by police

Over kill? At first sight it appears that way, but it’s a little early to play blame games, still I find it interesting that the IPCC has already put it out, he is of Ghanaian origin. I guess ‘black man’ is a little too raw to enter into a statement, considering they are still working out who did […]

New Years Day in Hackney = one shooting and one stabbing

> Corner of Mount Pleasant Lane & Upper Clapton Rd, shows police cordon after shooting on Upper Clapton Rd. Image  ©Duchess of Hackney Here we go again.  Just after I wished everyone a safe new year in my last post we have two incidents. The first one just down the road from me at Olympia […]