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Don’t blame the DJ’s at 2DayFM for Jacintha Saldanha death

Put your pitch forks and your collective self-righteousness away, calm down and listen up. There is only so much one can convey in 140 characters, which is probably why some people interpreted my tweet last night in support of the Australian DJ’s, Mel Greig and Michael Christian as cold and callous. I can assure you […]

Those Aussie radio presenters don’t owe Kate or the Queen an apology

I roared with laughter earlier today when I read about this and later listened to it. But what’s with all the sourpusses?  Some are even calling it treason. Treason?  Good on the Aussies for getting one over. If the British weren’t so slavish to their monarch, the call wouldn’t have gone through, but the mare […]

Dig out the buntings, the other Duchess is preggers

It won’t be an exaggeration to say what a bumper (yes I know) 18 months it’s been for bunting manufacturers and retailers. Just when you thought the vomit inducing exuberance, over optimism and patriotism Brits reserve for occasions like this was done and dusted, we hear the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Right on cue, […]

Wills and Kate’s big fat royal wedding

Thirty years ago I viewed life and the world differently from how I do now. Of course I was much younger, innocent and not as jaded.Which explains why I was caught up in Diana Spencer frenzy. A large group of us were at Hyde Park the night before she and Charles’s wedding in July 1981.We […]