The RSPCA revisited: They’re ‘aving a laugh right?

      It’s not often I have back to back posts on pets, but here goes another one. It’s hard for me to criticize the RSPCA, whom I know do an awful lot of good work, from rescuing animals to re-homing and also providing low cost and free veterinary care of pets for the […]

Hard selling kitty and my six figure lottery almost win this week

I was in a pet store in Hackney Central the other day and couldn’t help butting into an ongoing conversation, with the girl behind the counter and a customer, who was considering getting another cat to keep the one she had bought some months before company. I was gobsmacked to hear shop girls aggressive hard […]

Chris Brown and his mother wants you to pay $1000 for their puppies

I don’t care for Chris Brown and I couldn’t identify any of his music, both are not my ‘thing’.  While other hip hop entertainers are getting their “mogul on” by branching out into marketing perfumes in their names or promoting brands of heaven knows what, Chris Brown and his mother Joyce Hawkins, has decided backyard […]

RSPCA do NOT protect animals, they KILL them

I am soooo fuming right now over an incident this morning, an emergency that involved my 6 year old Jack Russell, who somehow managed to escape into a neighbours back yard and then into another. So he was two houses down. While my fences are all up including 3 brand new panels just a month new, there […]

Thinking of buying a dog or cat? Think again

Hi everyone! It’s me Deefer, the Duchesses alpha hound, leader of the pack, her number one guy, the …. ok , ok ooops, was getting carried away. She’s a bit tied up this morning with work and is meeting a well known person this afternoon, so I thought I’d post this very timely message. The […]