Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to re-marry?

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to re-marry?

If  it’s true, that will make Tiger Woods a bona fide pussy whooped fool. Almost 3 years after giving his ex-wife Elin Nordgren $110 million in a divorce settlement, sources are saying Tiger is set to cough up a ton more money. By sources, I mean the National Enquirer, whose own sources have told them […]

Dig out the buntings, the other Duchess is preggers

It won’t be an exaggeration to say what a bumper (yes I know) 18 months it’s been for bunting manufacturers and retailers. Just when you thought the vomit inducing exuberance, over optimism and patriotism Brits reserve for occasions like this was done and dusted, we hear the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Right on cue, […]

Hey Stella Creasy, I’m sick of people using Chris Brown as a poster child for domestic violence

  I’m surprising myself by defending Chris Brown as I care not for his music and really didn’t have an opinion one way or the other until he battered Rhianna in 2009. I still don’t care much for his music, but beginning to care about the person he is, so much so that I felt […]

I was singing Hal David songs before I started nursery school

I was born in the 60’s and not surprisingly became a teenager in the 70’s. Our home was always filled with music and my mother, was always singing or playing records by her favorites, such as Neil Sedaka, The Everly Brothers, Perry Como,  Aretha Franklin, Sammy Davis Jr, Harry Belafonte, Elvis Presley, Gene Pitney and […]

Prince Harry is not the only high profile naked man

What has Prince Harry, country singer Randy Travis and Kony 2012 co-founder Jason Russell have in common? The ability to make news looking the way they did, when they popped out of mummy’s whoha. Randy Travis Earlier this month country crooner Randy Travis, was found buck naked, bruised, and smelling of alcohol, lying by the […]

Prince Harry NAKED in sin city: What happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas

I’m just so glad that camera phones where not around in the late 80’s and part of the 90’s when I did some serious partying and some regretful things, there are pictures and videos out there, which I’ve told myself not to worry about, since some people had more to lose than I. Trust me, […]

Nina Simone biopic: Zoe Saldana is just the wrong choice

And yes it’s because she’s just too light-skinned for the role, I won’t lie. As far back as 2010 The Hollywood Reporter and other Hollywood trade publications were reporting on Mary J Blige starring in the role of the late great Jazz Chanteuse,  pianist  and civil rights activist  Nina Simone. Since then, Blige has pulled […]

Just a lil bit of Jackson Browne

It’s not often I can concentrate on writing and listen to music.  I need silence, but I’m designing a website for a friend and I have to say I’ve had Jackson Brown on repeat for almost two hours on Spotify, and far from being distracted or irritated as I would be with some music, I […]

Grace Jones at the Diamond Jubilee concert – dude where’s my hula hoop?

  Someone was kind enough to buy me a new hula hoop yesterday from a pound store, after I stayed up until the wee hours of Tuesday morning, tearing up my home like a woman possessed in search of  the one I thought I had. The fact that the hula hoop wasn’t found a is […]

Even nice girls like me love a bit of Sean Penn once in a while

  AARP (for the uninitiated in Britain, America Association of Retired Persons) published their list of 21 sexiest men over 50 this week, and while it included a handful of  “I wouldn’t throw out of bed mature fellas”, I noticed Sean Penn was missing from the list that included Steven Spielberg. What? Eh?Too each their […]

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