Just a lil bit of Jackson Browne

It’s not often I can concentrate on writing and listen to music.  I need silence, but I’m designing a website for a friend and I have to say I’ve had Jackson Brown on repeat for almost two hours on Spotify, and far from being distracted or irritated as I would be with some music, I […]

Donna Summer dead at 63 from cancer – How I met and stalked her

    Legendary disco queen Donna Summer died this morning. TMZ are reporting she succumbed to the big C.  Lung cancer to be exact. I  had no idea she had cancer, but understand she had been keeping it under wraps and died while in Florida. Even though I was never a huge fan of over […]

Yet another obligatory obituary: Whitney Houston dead at 48

There were two songs that got me through my 18 months in prison  Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ and Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love of All’. I preferred George Benson’s original version, but that particular CD and vinyl was in storage with the rest of my belongings in Los Angeles, so I had to make do with items my loved ones sent, which all […]

Don Cornelius Dead: An apparent suicide

Unbelievable news about one of the baddest cats around before music became terminally ill.  The man whose name was synonymous with Soul Train, was found dead in his Sherman Oaks, California home at 4 am (Pacific Time) today.  According to TMZ, law enforcement say he died from  a gunshot wound to his head, and it looks like it […]

I think Amy Winehouse would have understood this

Curtis Mayfield was a poet, so much so he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of  fame twice.  He’s sadly missed. It’s a wicked classic Soul Train video.  Check out Don Cornelius’s afro and the dancing, oh gad…..good times.   I’m your Mama I’m your Daddy I’m that nigga In the alley I’m […]

Two guys died yesterday

Gil Scott Heron and Jeff Conaway. Both talented in their chosen art, both battled chronic drug problems. Gil’s music and spoken word were part of my late fathers collection, so it was a given since we always shared the same taste in music, that I too would become a fan. I only wish I had […]