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Prince Andrew is lucky he’s not a black man – he’d be dead

Prince Andrew is lucky he’s not a black man – he’d be dead

Gosh these royal cops are jumpy eh? I imagine security in and around Buckingham Palace have been so heightened since last weeks break-in, that even Andrew was challenged by armed palace security while taking a leisurely stroll around the palace grounds on Wednesday evening. What I want to know is how the two numpty cops […]

Bruno Hall, father of Mark Duggan dies

Almost a year after losing Mark, the Duggan family have lost another member. Bruno Hall has passed on. I called youth activist, campaigner and one time Conservative Councillor candidate for Edmonton, Ken Hinds this evening to confirm it, and was told Mr Hall passed away over a week ago from cancer he was recently diagnosed […]

Man in early 20’s tasered and shot in Forest Hill by police

Over kill? At first sight it appears that way, but it’s a little early to play blame games, still I find it interesting that the IPCC has already put it out, he is of Ghanaian origin. I guess ‘black man’ is a little too raw to enter into a statement, considering they are still working out who did […]

Why is the IPCC getting their knickers in a twist over coverage of Mark Duggan investigation?

  It’s almost 4 months since 29 year old Mark Duggan, had a couple of bullets pumped into him by Met police Trident officers. While the public awaits the IPCC investigation to conclude, the IPCC appears to be more concerned about the way a headline in the Guardian was written. So troubled by Vikram Dodd’s […]

The vilifying of Mark Duggan, his family and friends.

I’m aware of the errors the Met Police have made in the past, when they have shot to death innocent people, so I’m not wrong in reserving judgement in Mark Duggan’s case as it would be too easy to label Duggan just another bad guy that had it coming. We don’t need state sanctioned executions […]