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So called ‘Hackney Heroine’ Pauline Pearce is writing a book and there is a Tottenham Heroine

  Yes I know, another post about Pauline Pearce  again. Obsessed? Who me? Hell no, it’s Sunday, I’m lazy and she is the gift that keeps giving. A while back I predicted she may write a book, it looks like I was right. Last week she tweeted to one of her on line admirers: @crazycatbaglady […]

Clapton Silliness: Sickle Cell and Renal Dialysis Units V pop-up cafe’s in urinal

    It appears Hackney council are considering another proposal for the use of  the old public loos on Brooksby Walk.  The toilets have been closed for decades, since the old Chatsworth Road Market ceased operating. If you recall, early last year a group called the Clapton Improvement Society (CIS) blazed on to the social […]

Shots fired at Broadway Market Turkish restaurant

Every once in a while hipsters and general folk, get a not so gentle reminder that they are still in the hood. Gentrification and tarting up a rough part of town doesn’t always shield people from this type of madness. Such was the case for diners at  Solche Grill and Meze Bar in Broadway market, […]

Hard selling kitty and my six figure lottery almost win this week

I was in a pet store in Hackney Central the other day and couldn’t help butting into an ongoing conversation, with the girl behind the counter and a customer, who was considering getting another cat to keep the one she had bought some months before company. I was gobsmacked to hear shop girls aggressive hard […]

Pauline Pearce bares it all

I have never seen a mutilated breast. Mainly out of fear and because I am squeamish. I am fortunate that neither I nor the women in my family or any close friend has been touched by this dreadful disease. I’ve met women with cancer as well as survivors, but never been privy to the aftermath […]

Protected: The Breasts enter password – boobs

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

They were right when they said fact is stranger than fiction

  FILE UNDER: YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP You could have knocked me with a feather yesterday afternoon, when I found out what the fuss over another tweet was about and the reason it was reported to the police. It was posted Friday morning to nobody, just a phrase that was on my mind. Who […]

A modern day lynching in Hackney: This nonsense has to stop

I guess the light hearted blog post I was going to write about foreskins and circumcisions will have to wait another day. I mentioned in an earlier post that I would keep a public log on the shenanigans of the the residence group, way on the other side of Hackney, with a wild hair up […]

Bitter feelings run deep in Clapton and Homerton

The nutty nimby fraternity in Hackney have taken it too far this time.  Who knew Jullia Lafferty was a demented bunny boiler who would stoop at any thing, after not getting her way in the planning permission debacle of 229 Lower Clapton Road. I mean the woman has all out accused church members of  St […]

Keeping things on the down low: Orthodox Jewish man arrested for alleged indecent assault on child in Stamford Hill

[map style=”width: 400px ; height:300px ; margin:20px 20px 20px 20px; border: 1px solid black;” address=”paget road n16″ marker=”yes” maptype=”OSM”] Since Sunday I have been receiving traffic to my blog from people googling ‘Stamford Hill arrest’.  I am told the same thing has been happening on Hackney Hive too. Attempts to find out what happened by […]

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