hackney heroine

Hackney’s “Great Black Hope” You Tube notoriety and the free school debate

  Some times you can’t please people all of the time although in my case I feel my recent vexed Hackney peeps, misunderstood me or things got lost in translation. I gave an example a couple of posts ago, here is the second. Pauline Pearce aka The Hackney Heroine , lashed out at me about another opinion […]

Hackney’s not so heroine? Farah Damji should know

` Y’all remember Pauline Pearce? You know the woman who was shamelessly patronised by just about every political party, but particularly the conservatives after she gave the rioters in Hackney, a piece of her mind while cars were being set ablaze and shops were being looted in Hackney.  Dubbed the “Hackney Heroine” by the press […]