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Woman dies on Dalston Lane pavement as I stood across the road

Woman dies on Dalston Lane pavement as I stood across the road

I witnessed an incredibly sad incident this afternoon on Dalston Lane, between The Narrow Way and Amhurst Road. I had parked and was walking to Marks and Spencers, when I noticed police and ambulance service with flashing lights in the middle of the road.  Walking closer I could tell paramedics were working on someone on […]

Good guys don’t always finish first and “Hackneys heroine” loses

It took less than 2 hours to count the votes and when it was done Hackney Central ward, had themselves another Labour Councillor after Thursdays by-election. No surprise to most that Labour’s high flying Barrister, Ben Hayhurst won, despite no one every hearing of the fella nor him living in the ward.  The people of […]

Mustafa Korel: Green Party Candidate for Hackney Central

With a less than inspiring line up, in the bid for Councillor in Hackney Central ward’s May 3rd by-election,  it’s refreshing and reassuring to know that there is someone who actually lives in Hackney Central  and is not a soulless politico prototype  looking to cut his teeth in the borough on his way to Westminster. […]

Hackney’s latest dog and pony show: Starring Pauline Pearce and Hackney Lib Dems

  Hackney just may get  it’s first  Xfactor style councillor in May. Roll up roll up, the Liberal Democrats dog and pony show, appearing on your estate, high streets, shops, markets, and old folks home between now and May 3. Last Thursday, Hackney Lib Dems were in full self congratulatory mode and high fiving after announcing they had […]