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Come Dine With Me Comes to Hackney and I’m concerned our very own Forrest Gump…..

  Pauline Pearce aka the Hackney Heroine, will once again see it as a way to extend her 15 minutes. I mean she did after all do Britain’s Got Talent and even bared her breasts for a photographer. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had to cringe watch her on our TV screens, or […]

Danny O’Shea murder trial starring Chris Nathaniel, Paul Boadi and Co rumbles on

UPDATE: NUGENT ROWE GUILTY It’s going to be a long one.  The trial as I mentioned in an update, is going to last until approximately mid May and that’s because all ten of them are being tried together. Judging from the traffic to this blog, there is an awful lot of interest from all over […]

Unedited so called “manifesto” of Christopher Dorner: Another American tragedy or martyr and hero?

Unedited so called “manifesto” of Christopher Dorner: Another American  tragedy or martyr and hero?

I’m fond of saying “Humpty Dumpty did not fall – he was pushed”, and judging by what I’ve read so far, ex LAPD officer and Navy Lieutenant Christopher Dorner, is on a mission, one he could not complete alive. He knows he’s a dead man on the run, because California law enforcement would prefer to […]

The greatness that was Otis Redding

. I’m on an Otis Redding kick at the moment. A few weeks ago I finally got round to watching Two Days in The Valley, which was originally released  in 1996. I mention this because it’s got a pretty good sound track which features “Down in the Valley” by Otis Redding. Since then I have […]

Why as a straight black woman, I don’t give a toss what Julie Burchill says about transsexual’s?

The online hysteria, backlash and even death threats over what Suzanne Moore wrote went over me last week. So much so that I never read the piece until the 4th day of the brouhaha, after feeling compelled to read, after her buddy, Julie Burchill waded in with her response in the Observer. It was the […]

Alex Jones – Still crazy after all these years

Before every nutter and their momma had access to the internet, there was public access TV and it was on one of those channels I first watched Alex Jones in total disbelief some time in 1998, while living in Texas. His demagoguery back then didn’t appear all that unhinged, and his set was wonky with […]

I’m with Diane Abbott and she’s not the only one calling for control over fast food outlets

She couldn’t catch a  break either way over the weekend. Far right, liberals, conservatives, haters and internet freaks all put a boot in. Some of the comments were so blatantly racist, that I’m surprised  the Guardian allowed  them. The Telegraph is another story. Controlling the amount of these greasy fried chicken joints is up there […]

The Diane Abbott and Kim Kardashian non story

The Diane Abbott and Kim Kardashian non story

  Diane Abbott was in for a  right old shellacking yesterday, following an interview she gave that covered a multitude of  things ranging from her plans to curb the opening of fast food joints in neighbourhoods to tighter control over children’s access to the internet. Like vultures, the press and assorted commentators scavenged over her […]

People call this racist and are offended?

The media appears to be blowing up another non story about a 10 year old kid dressed up as his football hero and people are finding it offensive. As a black woman I kind of see how the throw back to black and white minstrels could offend, but isn’t it all about the intent? Besides […]

Don’t blame the DJ’s at 2DayFM for Jacintha Saldanha death

Put your pitch forks and your collective self-righteousness away, calm down and listen up. There is only so much one can convey in 140 characters, which is probably why some people interpreted my tweet last night in support of the Australian DJ’s, Mel Greig and Michael Christian as cold and callous. I can assure you […]

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