Donna Summer dead at 63 from cancer – How I met and stalked her

    Legendary disco queen Donna Summer died this morning. TMZ are reporting she succumbed to the big C.  Lung cancer to be exact. I  had no idea she had cancer, but understand she had been keeping it under wraps and died while in Florida. Even though I was never a huge fan of over […]

Is Trayvon Martin’s death being exploited by Hackney’s leftwing ideologists and socialists?

There are some people who can never let a good tragedy go to waste and will leech on, to suit their own means. Some already are doing brisk business from selling T-Shirts and buttons and some making political hay out of the murder of Trayvon Martin, which is why I am getting a rancid taste […]

George Zimmerman Murdered 17 yr old Trayvon Martin,we need to demand justice

 It was cold blooded murder. Don’t let this murderer get away with it and let the Sanford Police Department know, there is a murderer that needs to be arrested. Regardless of me living across the ocean, this so incensed me.  Contact Sanford Chief of Police, Bill Lee, Chief of Police in Sanford.  Bill.Lee@sanfordfl.gov  407.688.5070 – Office 407.688.5071 […]