Why as a straight black woman, I don’t give a toss what Julie Burchill says about transsexual’s?

The online hysteria, backlash and even death threats over what Suzanne Moore wrote went over me last week. So much so that I never read the piece until the 4th day of the brouhaha, after feeling compelled to read, after her buddy, Julie Burchill waded in with her response in the Observer. It was the […]

Eff off feminazi’s: Hysteria, Bunnies, Playboy and Hefner

The new Playboy Club in London is having its gala opening tonight, and the usual suspect feminazi’s who see women as perpetual victims are getting bent out of shape over the return of┬áthe club to London and plan to make their voices heard. I doubt Hugh Hefner and the staff including the bunnies give a […]