domestic violence

Hey Stella Creasy, I’m sick of people using Chris Brown as a poster child for domestic violence

  I’m surprising myself by defending Chris Brown as I care not for his music and really didn’t have an opinion one way or the other until he battered Rhianna in 2009. I still don’t care much for his music, but beginning to care about the person he is, so much so that I felt […]

Is Hillary Adams trying to cash in on her family turmoil?

A local news channel in Corpus Cristi caught up with the judge yesterday, who fessed up to being the child beater in his daughters video. As you can imagine he didn’t have much to say,  but he briefly mentioned an argument over a car and it sounds like Hilary might have been pissed off  over  […]

Judge William Adams of Aransas County Texas is toast

WARNING: THE VIDEO MIGHT BE UPSETTING TO SOME I’m not sure when Judge Adams is up for re-election, but I’m doubtful if he will be re-elected after this video went viral last night . Coincidentally this guy is a family law judge. There again we’re talking Texas, the same state that executes the mentally ill, […]