Phew! My dog doesn’t need to see a doggy shrink, but maybe I do

Phew! My dog doesn’t need to see a doggy shrink, but maybe I do

  I thought my little 8 year old Jack Russell had issues and at first I had no idea what caused him to start this little game he’s been playing for the past week. It’s actually not much different from what one of my brothers ( I have 3 of them) did when my mum […]

Nice body shame about the face

Snow finally arrived in Hackney last night. A little later than I wanted it to, but all the same very welcome by me, and from the squealing sounds of children playing in the snow on either sides of my home this morning, they too. Oh and my dogs were over joyed too, evident from the victory […]

Thinking of buying a dog or cat? Think again

Hi everyone! It’s me Deefer, the Duchesses alpha hound, leader of the pack, her number one guy, the …. ok , ok ooops, was getting carried away. She’s a bit tied up this morning with work and is meeting a well known person this afternoon, so I thought I’d post this very timely message. The […]

Pumpkin carving, wine sippin’ and show tunes – Happy Halloween!

Hi Everyone, I’m Deefer one of the Duchess hounds and I pretty much call the shots amongst the others. It feels odd calling her “duchess”, but I guess that’s what y’all know know her as. Yesterday evening found The Duchess busy pumpkin carving with two of her buddies, Conrad and Sharona although it’s a shame […]