The RSPCA revisited: They’re ‘aving a laugh right?

      It’s not often I have back to back posts on pets, but here goes another one. It’s hard for me to criticize the RSPCA, whom I know do an awful lot of good work, from rescuing animals to re-homing and also providing low cost and free veterinary care of pets for the […]

RSPCA do NOT protect animals, they KILL them

I am soooo fuming right now over an incident this morning, an emergency that involved my 6 year old Jack Russell, who somehow managed to escape into a neighbours back yard and then into another. So he was two houses down. While my fences are all up including 3 brand new panels just a month new, there […]

Thinking of buying a dog or cat? Think again

Hi everyone! It’s me Deefer, the Duchesses alpha hound, leader of the pack, her number one guy, the …. ok , ok ooops, was getting carried away. She’s a bit tied up this morning with work and is meeting a well known person this afternoon, so I thought I’d post this very timely message. The […]