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I’m with Diane Abbott and she’s not the only one calling for control over fast food outlets

She couldn’t catch a  break either way over the weekend. Far right, liberals, conservatives, haters and internet freaks all put a boot in. Some of the comments were so blatantly racist, that I’m surprised  the Guardian allowed  them. The Telegraph is another story. Controlling the amount of these greasy fried chicken joints is up there […]

The Diane Abbott and Kim Kardashian non story

The Diane Abbott and Kim Kardashian non story

  Diane Abbott was in for a  right old shellacking yesterday, following an interview she gave that covered a multitude of  things ranging from her plans to curb the opening of fast food joints in neighbourhoods to tighter control over children’s access to the internet. Like vultures, the press and assorted commentators scavenged over her […]

Bitter feelings run deep in Clapton and Homerton

The nutty nimby fraternity in Hackney have taken it too far this time.  Who knew Jullia Lafferty was a demented bunny boiler who would stoop at any thing, after not getting her way in the planning permission debacle of 229 Lower Clapton Road. I mean the woman has all out accused church members of  St […]