UKBA, Met Police, immigration and banned products raid on Dalston fake hair “beauty” shop

UKBA, Met Police, immigration and banned products raid on Dalston fake hair “beauty” shop

Photo from Laurie Penny’s Twitter account @PennyRed It would be very funny if it wasn’t so serious. The image of a surprise immigration raid on a shop owned and staffed by Asian men who speak poor English and make a fortune from Black women’s insecurities, by selling cheap fake hair and wigs to undiscerning women […]

Oh stop with your liberal righteous indignation, the coming revolution, racial abuse in Dalston

For the  record in case you were not aware, I am half Nigerian, born in North London and until I was 16, lived in both Nigeria and Britain. I should also warn you  this is one of those combi blog posts, that cover related but different topics… Look at it as a drive by blog  […]

Nice body shame about the face

Snow finally arrived in Hackney last night. A little later than I wanted it to, but all the same very welcome by me, and from the squealing sounds of children playing in the snow on either sides of my home this morning, they too. Oh and my dogs were over joyed too, evident from the victory […]

So that’s why all the gridlock in Hackney today

    In case you are wondering why Hackney was gridlocked today, it’s because some poor fella was threatening to jump off a bridge over the A12 in Leytonstone. The stretch from the Green Man roundabout to the Lea interchange was closed in both directions for about 4 hours, while police and the rest of the crew […]

What’s not to remember about me?

My ego took a bit  of a bruising last week from someone I contacted via Facebook.  In life we all hope we leave lasting impressions on those we meet along the way, but last week proved  maybe my legendary status may only be in my mind. 🙂 Me forgettable? So it seems, but I take […]

Britney Spears, guns and gushing people in Stoke Newington and Dalston

I began noticing twitter posts about Britney Sprears being spotted in Stoke Newington over the weekend and took no notice, such is the easily excitable state of  Hackney residents. Next came  talk of her running around with a gun. By then I had chalked it up to nit twits getting excited about nothing. You have […]

Randon acts of honesty (and kindness)

Just as I begin to despair about my neighborhood, my faith is restored in mankind or to be precise, mankind in Hackney. Yesterday, I had plans of dropping off a little pug who has been with me for just over a week, as her 2 legged family were away on vacation.  I had arranged a […]