Clapton Silliness: Sickle Cell and Renal Dialysis Units V pop-up cafe’s in urinal

    It appears Hackney council are considering another proposal for the use of  the old public loos on Brooksby Walk.  The toilets have been closed for decades, since the old Chatsworth Road Market ceased operating. If you recall, early last year a group called the Clapton Improvement Society (CIS) blazed on to the social […]

Bitter feelings run deep in Clapton and Homerton

The nutty nimby fraternity in Hackney have taken it too far this time.  Who knew Jullia Lafferty was a demented bunny boiler who would stoop at any thing, after not getting her way in the planning permission debacle of 229 Lower Clapton Road. I mean the woman has all out accused church members of  St […]

Random acts of foolishness – Daquiris in the toilet?

Worlds apart from my new “street friends” are another bunch of yahoo’s…these ones however are a little further up the road in Clapton. A couple of weeks ago a newly formed group called the Clapton Improvement Society (CIS) announced they would be holding a pop-up liquor bar in the public toilets on Brooksby’s Walk in […]

Why the butcher, brothel & ethnic stores on Chatsworth Rd should worry

> Seems like someone has been blowing smoke up Halil Mehmet’s jacksy. Mehmet owns Mighty Meat on Chatsworth Road and his remark was in response to plans for a new Chatsworth Market. A Hackney news site recently quoted him as saying “having a market would be the best thing for the road”.  Really, Halil? The […]