Hard selling kitty and my six figure lottery almost win this week

I was in a pet store in Hackney Central the other day and couldn’t help butting into an ongoing conversation, with the girl behind the counter and a customer, who was considering getting another cat to keep the one she had bought some months before company. I was gobsmacked to hear shop girls aggressive hard […]

Thinking of buying a dog or cat? Think again

Hi everyone! It’s me Deefer, the Duchesses alpha hound, leader of the pack, her number one guy, the …. ok , ok ooops, was getting carried away. She’s a bit tied up this morning with work and is meeting a well known person this afternoon, so I thought I’d post this very timely message. The […]

Two new cuties in Stoke Newington

Parkers Pet Shop on Stoke Newington High Road, is my favorite pet supply shop in Hackney. Why?  They don’t sell animals like a lot of other stores do nor do they have ads for stud services. They also stock a wide range and my favorite dog food by Burns. I have found some of their […]