100 hassett road

A modern day lynching in Hackney: This nonsense has to stop

I guess the light hearted blog post I was going to write about foreskins and circumcisions will have to wait another day. I mentioned in an earlier post that I would keep a public log on the shenanigans of the the residence group, way on the other side of Hackney, with a wild hair up […]

Venture to Hassett Road in Homerton at your own risk: White middle class warriors at war

Fortunately for me and others, there are strict gun laws in the UK, so the probability of me ending up the way Trayvon Martin did, at the hands of  a jumped up neighbourhood watch warrior is highly unlikely, but you don’t have to have a gun or be a street thug to be dangerous and […]

Cllr Jacobson revisited: Homerton and more lies

Listen I don’t mean to keep busting this fellas balls, but he’s really got a nerve. Cllr Abrahams Jacobson is also helluva hypocrite who speaks in sound bites on Twitter.  He might also be setting himself up for a defamation law suit if he continues with unsubstantiated claims made in a public domain about an […]