East European woman calls Black man a slave on tube

LBC trying to make a big issue of this and posted it on their site, then announced it in their hourly news. as if….

Fact is, people like her from Eastern Europe have the same attitude, because they aren’t exposed to other cultures as we are in Britain.  You should hear some of the things I’ve heard.

But the police investigating this? Since when did calling someone a slave become a hate crime.

And as for LBC, it’s a bit rich from a radio station that has a no black presenter policy.



2 Responses to East European woman calls Black man a slave on tube

  1. plaintain1 16/02/2015 at 11:42 am

    Yeah, it would have been interesting to trace the woman just to find out what she really thinks! It looked as if she was trying to explain herself to the black female after she used the word ‘slave’. This will sound snobbish but an E. European calling black people names, as if we are the foreigners. But it goes to show, just because the white man looks down on us, then everybody (whether you’ve been 5 minutes in the country from some war stricken country)else feels they also have the right to look down on you. Also, the guy she was arguing with sounded as if he is West African. So she definitely made a boo boo calling him a ‘slave’

  2. stewart 13/06/2015 at 1:53 am

    They should be investigating the African bloke in the red jacket for shouting at people in a domineering manner.

    He should not be offended by being referred to as a slave because his ancestors were probably involved in selling people into slavery.


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