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Intimidation, bogus student visas, Molli Desi Brothel and Met Police

Intimidation, bogus student visas, Molli Desi Brothel and Met Police

This is a video by Hazel Thompson, a photo journalist who has extensively documented the brutal, ugly and dangerous sex trade in India.You can read more on her in The Guardian and Telegraph.

Hazel Thompson write and speaks of the dangerous pimps and madams, I know first hand how dangerous they can be  after I crossed paths with them in 2005.

10 years ago, enterprising persons, believed to be lawyers and NGO works decided to capitalize on desperate women looking to escape the Indian slum brothels decided to bring them to Britain. They put a new face on the oldest profession and marketed the first prostitute they brought as a Devadasi. Devadasi’s claim to be ‘sacred’ prostitutes and are dedicated to a temple as children. When they reach puberty, their virginity is auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Many devadasi prostitutes in the slums of India are infected with AIDS.

The first “Devadasi” prossie they brought over was an underage gal they named Kama. You can read more here.  After working Kama to the bone for 9 years, she disappeared some time in 2011 and in 2013 they introduced Rani Des Nargavadhu a much older prossie from Sri Lanka. Later in 2013 Molli Desi, a younger one, but not as young as Kama became her replacement. This time they rented or bought a much nicer apartment in surbiton (I think they call that proceeds from crime).


You may notice both Molli Desi and Nagarvdhu’s twitter feed and blogs are chuck full of very strong political and social opinions.  Just remember it is not the whores posting but their pimp with an agenda. Both women are not educated, politically aware or speak a good standard of English. Molli Desi speaks basic English.

Report these people to the home office and met police.



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