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Molli Desi pimps go on the defence with new pics

Molli Desi pimps go on the defence with new pics

The pimps in Surbiton who handle both Molli Desi Devadasi, Rani Desi Nagarvadhu and an assortment of underage girls they don’t advertise are feeling the pressure I’ve been putting on them.

Last week they took her off to a photo shoot in South London and I think I know the fella behind the lenses. He’s an Aussie guy I wrote a check to back in 2004 (I think). They couldn’t even wait for the shoot to be over, so eager to counter everything I’ve said and gain credibility, they began tweeting pics from the shoot. If that wasn’t enough they took Molli off to a snooker hall where loads of pics were taken depicting her as a happy giggly, care free girl and not a sex trafficking victim.

In all the years the Molli gang have been pimping girls, they have NEVER had studio shots of their whores and have taken pride in their homespun images. Not with Kama or Rani Nagarvadhu and until last week,  Molli Desi. Since then, they’ve been blitzing Twitter with her new photos…. and I mean BLITZING.

I will soon be providing a full address for the brothel in Surbiton, so readers can notify the home office of the illegal aliens working in the UK and their handlers.

I’m not too happy about having her tossed out of the UK, after all she’s not sponging off anyone, but I want her handlers caught and I have to put them out of business and prosecuted. You will have to read my other posts to understand why this is personal.

As I have mentioned, I suspect Molli Desi’s pimps are former or current NGO workers and maybe a lawyer.

They’ve even gone for sympathy.  I howled after I read this tweet.

HOME OFFICE  AND MET POLICE DO SOMETHING SOON. Here, Molli discusses stabbing pigs (police)

Maggie McNeill, the face of a liar and sex trafficker enabler.

Maggie McNeill, the face of a liar and sex trafficker enabler.

Oh, and I know I keep promising to write about Maggie McNeill and how she got conned, but I will over the next day or so. It’s not so much Maggie McNeill got conned, but Maggie being a sex trafficker enabler who is enjoying being an internet celebrity of Libertarians, pedophiles, academics and angry young wannabe radical feminists. She will never jeopardize her new found fame by admitting that Molli Desi and Rani Nagarvadhu are not who they claim to be online.  It wouldn’t fit into her narrative.


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