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Molli Desi Pimps encourages stabbing police officers

Molli Desi Pimps encourages stabbing police officers

Molli’s educated pimps are on a PR campaign. They took her off to a “photo shoot” yesterday in South London and doing their best to counter what I write about them. Fact is they are desperate.  I have disrupted business and the pimp has pretty much given up on tweeting for Rani Desi Nagarvadhu as he’s too occupied trying to save his whore empire in Surbiton and fooling people into believing it’s Molli Desi sending those tweets or concocting the story they blogged about her on Maggie McNeill’s website.

Now they are tweeting about stabbing police officers? Of course it’s a way of ingratiating themselves amongst wannabe radical sex workers and all the other freaks.


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