Are other people after Molli Desi in Surbiton?

Are other people after Molli Desi in Surbiton?


I received an email yesterday from  someone claiming they wanted to help me in finding out more. People, listen, I’m not stupid. This person is either an agitator, Molli Desi’s pimp or one of their Twitter mad crowd trying to set me up.

I am not after Molli Desi or the Sri Lankan whore Rani Desi, I’m after the pimp. He/they whoever is behind bringing poverty stricken Bangladesh girls and women (some underage) to the UK to  work as prostitutes while promoting it as some  spiritual hogwash. They are the people who hacked my emails in December 2005, transferred 2 live websites I had into their names, posted mine and my families personal information on line, a revenge blog and other unmentionable things. They have made my life hell for 9 years.



9:42 PM (13 hours ago)

to me
Hi thereI’d like to make a visit to Molli desi and help you with finding out more about her. Having read your blog you seem to know what your talking about when it comes to sex work.Shall I try and book an appointment with molli or the other one and see what happens?Jamie

HHer Grace <>

10:06 AM (37 minutes ago)

to Jamie
Hello Jamie

I’m afraid I can’t tell you what to do. I’m putting my wobbly faith in Law enforcement and doing my own background work, so far things are looking good but I’m keeping the pressure up,


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