The Molli Desi of Surbiton pimps and underage girls

The Molli Desi of Surbiton pimps and underage girls

There was always suspicion that pimps behind Molli Desi and Rani Desi Nagarvadhu were pimping an underage Princess Kama (I’ve mentioned it somewhere here).  This time round they played it safe and stayed within the boundaries, even bringing in an old tired Sri Lankan prossie to corner the mature whore market. It’s a win win for them.

Don’t know if this proves anything but the grubby man and woman behind Molli Desi Devadasi Inc, seems to imply he likes em young and tender. Was quite open about it in the Guardian, but of course was posting as Molli. Remember Molli’s grasp of English isn’t that good. Here is  a comment the pimp (pretending to be Molli) left  in the Guardian on a discussion of  the Polish-French painter, Balthus.



I am a young small woman, who is very “girl-like” I love the depictions by TB and I really wish we could look at girls without always thinking about paedophiles. In Europe girls of 14 can have sex, in the UK they cannot until 16 what is the problem with a sexualised 14 year old young woman ? I know I was thinking a lot about sex when I was 14.

Click for Molli Desi Guardian profile. I think soon after they brought her to the UK last year, they tried using the Devadasi bullshit to entice would be customers from the Guardian. Yeah, who knew, the Guardian is a fertile punting ground. Don’t snigger, but back in the day before internet, the print edition of the International Herald Tribune was a good place to advertise escort services. I did.

Something happened to the old Punternet Forum.  I don’t know, I didn’t visit it for almost nine years until this year, so I’m unable to provide links to some of the heated discussions and doubts over the devadasi idiots. They have since been kicked off. Anyway, you’ll get an idea from this link.

you can also log on and ask questions.

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