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Molli Desi and Rani Desi Nagarvadhu revisited

Molli Desi and Rani Desi Nagarvadhu revisited


My intention was to get a fella to book an appointment with either Molli Desi or the other one, but that doesn’t seem to be panning out as the pimp is no longer responding to emails nor are the various numbers being answered. Not that Molli Desi or Rani Desi Nargrvadhu ever answered their phones. Communications is always via email by the pimp.  Only when the customer gets to James Road do they give out their location.

After reading that the Met Police are asking folks to investigate crimes committed against them, I thought I’d give it a go.  You know, kinda get a head start on things. I just wanted to find out where they work out of in Surbiton. Unfortunately all my shouting on line has got them spooked and I think for the moment they are not accepting any bookings. After all, they never know who will show up at their door. Can’t say I’d blame them.

Also not able to write anything derogatory about me, they have enlisted one of their campaigning Twitter buddies to start doing the dirty.  That’s ok. It’s all been handled.

I’m not going to rest until I find out who these people are and they prosecuted/put out of business.

Since the pimp is constantly condemning the British government and it’s policies, he ought to take Molli Desi back to Bangladesh, where girls are gang raped and hung on trees.  I hear the other one is not Indian, she is Sri lankan  – another state with a great human rights record.

Have a great Sunday people…..

Oh and if you are new here and this doesn’t make sense, check  out the links below.  Just remember, everything you read on their blog, twitter and everywhere on line, is written by their pimp. Molli is here on a bogus student visa, but is on her hands and knees servicing grubby men all day.








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