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Surbiton, terrorists, Molli Desi, Rani Nagarvadhu, threats and police

Surbiton, terrorists, Molli Desi, Rani Nagarvadhu, threats and police


I wouldn’t be posting this, had this group of people not hacked my email, two web sites I had, ordered a copy of my birth certificate and then scanned and published it online along with my US social security number. They sought to intimidate and harass me and my family 8 years ago and I was never able to track them down as it was all done on line. I’ve never had much faith in the Met Police and hope they come through this time.

From hacking my email they were able to find out where my sister and her family lived. One day in January 2006, I received a phone call from a man threatening to burn my sisters home down, if I didn’t shut up. They then went on to reel off my sisters name, address, her husbands name, the fact that I didn’t particularly like my brother in law, the children’s name, names of my brothers, an uncle and other assorted family members. If that wasn’t enough harassment, they set up a vile revenge blog, that Google refused to remove in 2006. Their words remained there for all to see for years, which is how a vile man called Gavin Rednap who reads this blog and who has it out for me (People sometimes don’t like what I write here and on got wind of the rumour, and decided to repeat it. A rumour so vile that I can’t bare to repeat it again. The blog was finally deleted by Google last November.

Two weeks ago I stumbled on their new web sites and decided to confront them and have been relentless since then. They tried the old tactics, tweeting my real name and that of my business to scare me off.  Didn’t work, it’s a different time and just about everyone knows who I am.  They tweeted I had been incarcerated in the USA – something that is common knowledge and a fact that is already on this site.  For every outrageous tweet, I responded and then some.  When they realised that was not working they encouraged other like minded whores to report me to twitter. Based on the amount of reports, Twitter suspends your account automatically until a human reviews the case.


Rani Nagarvadhu claims to be an IC nurse and midwife. Her English is below it any wonder the NHS is in so much trouble.

Prostitute Rani Nagarvadhu claims to be an IC nurse and midwife. Her English is below basic…is it any wonder the NHS is in so much trouble.  When corresponding with her on Twitter and even email, remember it’s her handler, not her.


There is something positively disturbing and dangerous about not the individual whores, but the group/person who brings them into the UK and controls them. You may recall in a recent post I mentioned filing a crime report with the police. I have also recently contacted the Home Office and MP for for Kingston and Surbiton, Edward Davey asking them to look into the going on’s of two Surbiton based prostitutes, Molli Desi and Rani Nagarvadhu

I first had the misfortune of running across this evil outfit in 2005, shortly after returning to the UK.  As I mentioned in part of my bio on this blog, I resumed what I was doing in the USA when I returned to London, but didn’t last long. One of the reasons I got out of the escort business is mentioned there too.

Molli Desi and Rani Nagardavhu, tout their business as some sort of spiritual sexual enlightening experience, which some grubby British men buy into. Many realised it was all hogwash back in 2005, and all they got was your basic garden  variety shag,  they could have stayed at home and shagged the missus instead. But that hasn’t stopped the handlers from introducing more girls they bring in from Bangladesh to the UK to work as prostitutes.

"Princess Kama" I communicated with a few punters who claim there was no way she was 18, more 14/15

“Princess Kama” I communicated with a few punters who claim there was no way she was 18, more 14/15

Back in 2005 they introduced “Princess Kama” to gullible British punters who were happy to cheat on their partners with someone young enough to be their daughter/grand-daughter/great-grand-daughter and then go on to their forums where they review their time with prostitutes and brag. I’m told by a few punters that they suspected she was a minor, probably around 14/15 years old.

Many of us knew there was something sinister about the lot behind Kama but I guess I had the loudest voice and they were afraid, so they did what they did. There was very little I could do at the time.

This time round with the new “stable”, they’ve brought in girls a little older and I was quite surprised to see they had a 30 something year old. I guess they realised there is a massive market for mature sex workers.

They’ve also made sure the women are shown as happy and care free, so you’ll find smiley giggly photos and videos of Molli and Rani “having fun”. Picking mushrooms, flowers, feeding the ducks, bollywood dancing all in an effort to prove to the doubters they are not trafficked sex slaves, but happy individuals. It is also quite  obvious they speak little English.

I have no doubt they are happy. Living in Surbiton in what appears to be a small but cozy basement flat, beats the slums of Bangladesh.  They have all the gals working out of a flat I think on St James Road in Surbiton.

Cyber harassment and all that goes with it was still new back then and the met police was clueless. They’ve gotten hip to it since then, so I’m expecting more from them this time. There will be hell to pay for if they ignore and let me down again. This time round I have a platform.

They want you to believe Molli Desi is capable of writing all that high brow stuff that appear on her blog.  Watch Molli in action, she barely speaks English.

Check back tomorrow – How Maggie McNeill got conned by the  Molli Desi traffickers and validated them. Like I said Molli is semi illiterate and is not the one guest blogging on McNeill’s web site.


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