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Racist West Ham supporters crap stirring

Racist West Ham supporters crap stirring

Checking my stats this morning, I noticed a whole lot of traffic from the West Ham supporters forum and a link that is supposedly from this blog. I haven’t posted anything today and hadn’t looked at my site since 11pmish last night. The link didn’t look familiar and I even wondered if I had written it in anger at some point.  Even then I’d remember.

So I entered the the title in to Google and was taken to this forum post:


:^) 1:50 Thu Sep 25
Re: I’ve just been to see Chelsea play.


Strange huh?  Seems like someone is attempting some shit stirring. So randomly too. It gave me an idea

I have never written this, but made it up: her-ass .  Click on the link and see where it takes you – the same 404 message as the fake Gavros post.

Sorry kunts, whatever you are trying to prove didn’t work. Jog on.





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