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Justice isn’t the right of priviliged white women only, I matter too.

Justice isn’t the right of priviliged white women only, I matter too.



I bet you Stella Creasy didn’t get this type of treatment and I can assure you, what I reported to the Met, was hell lot more serious and has a much greater impact on my life than what Creasy faced last year with Peter Nunn’s Twitter trolling abuse.  I’m vowing that I will continuously send daily tweets to the Met Police, Hackney Police and the Home Office until I am assured my complaint is being handled properly. These criminals based in Surbiton, Surrey, need to be arrested and their illegal activities which includes the controlling of prostitutes, many from India who may be in the UK on bogus student visas or illegally, is dismantled. I want to face this person/persons who have made my life hell for 8 years in court.

At this point I don’t give a damn about the whores, they obviously have a better life here than in some Indian slum. I care more about my safety and the quality of my life that has been affect by these people.

I’m writing this because after making a police complaint on Saturday I was given an appointment with an officer on Sunday. The Met were swift, calling me less than 2 hours after I called 101, however I’m not impressed with the handling of it by the officer that visited me yesterday (Sunday) evening.

From the moment the officer walked in (There were 2 of them), he looked absolutely knackered and I could tell from the way he sat down on my sofa, it was a relief to get the weight off his legs.  I was very upset but far from hysterical, yet he became increasingly irritable and kept hurrying me along,  sighing constantly along the way. When I became more upset at one point, he threatened to leave.  It’s almost like he wanted me to get to the point without  giving facts, which was impossible.  My complaint isn’t a case of a straight forward Twitter troll or abuse, it dates back 8 years and involves my emails being hacked, my phone being hacked and a domain name for a web site that was using got transferred to a person/persons unknown.  He had a hard time understanding that and had to ask me three times for my name. But the pièce de résistance? At one point he figured it was nothing more than an internet rant or squabble. So dismissive.

I told him at one point he looked like he needed a day off, which he agreed with by saying he needed more than a day off. I’m just thankful he was interviewing me and wasn’t an armed officer whose judgment in an instant, could mean life or death of an individual.

It’s not the first time I’ve been interviewed and to date I’ve never come across any one like the officer on Sunday night. On Friday I spoke to a Sgt at Kingston police who was the polar opposite who listened to my complaint and said he would be passing it on. For all I know the officer from Stoke Newington may have been having a bad day, may have had a difficult call he just came from. We all have bad days and I find it difficult to be hard on people who sometimes allow it to show, even in a professional environment. It’s human nature no matter how hard you try, but I was left feeling angry, frustrated and let down. It has now being assigned to a detective.

When a person email and phone is hacked, the hacker is able to gain all sorts of information on you enabling them if they to  steal your identity. These people posted a scanned copy of my British birth certificate and my American social security number which is similar to what a British national insurance number is. They did not find my birth certificate laying on the road somewhere, they got it by applying for a copy. They posted my family members names and addresses on line as well and that’s what worries me – they know where they live.

My case is more urgent than Stella Creasy’s or Carolina whats her face, their security and that of their family was never compromised. Mine is.


Sunday 28 September


My Twitter account has been suspended. I just got round to filling out the thingy Twitter sent me to get reinstated.  The suspension is due to the sex traffickers who bring girls in from Bangladesh and India wanting to silence me like they did in 2005, contacting so called sex workers activist who in return reported my account for aggressive following.  If anything I blocked all of them that followed me or bombarded me hostile tweets ( and gave as good as I could in response).

You see it’s a numbers thing, so if Twitters receives a large amount of reports you are automatically suspended until a human reviews it.

If I have anything to say I’ll post it using the other Twitter account @hackneyhive.


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