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Stamford Hill sexual assault – Going on the defence

Stamford Hill sexual assault – Going on the defence


24 hours after posting info on the sexual assault of a young boy in Stamford Hill, some of it’s Hasidic residents are going on the defence and more or less calling me a trouble maker. This is despite me getting most of my info from the first person to make it public – a Rabbi in New York.

Rabbi Nuchelm Rosenberg is a well known activist who continues to expose the dark side of a very insular and secret community, most of us are not privy to. But it doesn’t come as a surprise.

By the way the 42 year old man arrested on suspicion of sexual assault of the young boy, has been released on police bail until mid October pending further inquiries. It’s also emerged that a 22 year old man was also arrested.  He too has been released on bail until mid October.

Rosenberg says sources within the orthodox community in Stamford Hill, claim the perp is definitely a chareidi Jew.  But to hear the defenders on Twitter he is not. Personally I don’t give a rats ass what race/religion the abuser is. He needs to be punished.



There appears to be a pattern of denial. Notice how one of them describes Rabbi Rosenberg as “deranged.” The same thing happened two years ago when there was another report of a child being molested within the community. This is what some claimed on a Jewish website : “Only 1 arrested. Not 4. Boruch Hashem he is now home (or almost home). A new family moved here from abroad. This Avreich was paid by someone to give a boy from this family a pair of tzitzit as apparently he was walking around without one. (This avrech sells tzitit). The father, who is mentally unstable told the police he molested his son… Police immediately arrested him. There was no evidence and many testified that this father is a little unstable. The father retracted the claim and BH the man is back with his family.”

Is everyone who reports a child molester within the community mentally unstable?

From living in the hood, one thing I know is these kids don’t speak to people outside of their orthodox community. That goes for the women too….not even a smile or nod of recognition. The children run a mile from even the smallest lap dog being walked, which is why I’m of the opinion that the perpetrator was someone they knew. But I could be wrong.

And remember this?


9 Responses to Stamford Hill sexual assault – Going on the defence

  1. BeeH 19/09/2014 at 12:38 am

    In this particular case, the alleged perpertrator is an Asian man and is currently being held in custody. Several key witnesses at this time are in a position to identify and recognise him.

    There are several known molestors in the community who have done ugly deeds. I can name some of them and no one will be able to deny or downplay it. It is despicable that the Rabbis do not allow us to report them to the police for fear that it will cause a desecration of G-d’s name if it comes to light that there are molestors within the jewish community who do such evil.
    In this case, it was permitted to go the authorities because the man is not jewish. There is a fantastic level of co-operation between the victim, witnesses and the police.
    When will the day come when we can hand over our own molestors to the police and our kids can be safe from the molestors within?

  2. Duchess of Hackney 19/09/2014 at 1:09 am

    They arrested a third person? To my knowledge which came from a short statement from Hackney Police both men were released on bail.

    “Police in Hackney have received an allegation of sexual assault against a child on Sunday, 14 September in Oldhill Street, N16.

    Detectives from the Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command (SOECA) are investigating.

    A 44-year-old man [A] was arrested on suspicion of rape on Sunday, 14 September and taken to an east London police station. He has since been bailed to a date in mid-October pending further enquiries.

    On Tuesday, 16 September a 22-year-old man [B] was arrested on suspicion of rape and taken to an east London police station. He has since been bailed to a date in late-October pending further enquiries.

    = We are not discussing faith / race of any party.

  3. BeeH 19/09/2014 at 10:24 am

    Perhaps you get an updated statement from the Met.

  4. Duchess of Hackney 19/09/2014 at 1:30 pm

    I don’t need to get an up dated statement. You are just trying to muddy the water, besides, can’t you read? The statement police sent, mentions they will not be confirming race or faith.

    Just this morning I was speaking to what you would call a “goy”. He works closely with the OJ community in Stamford Hill and was surprised that he knew about the incident. You know how? He was told this by some gossiping yenta’s in Stamford Hill. They were Jewish, but not OJ.

    I tell ya, I thought it was only hair dressers and manicurists women came clean with….. He should write a book and title it Confessions of a……

    Not going to give his profession cause it could narrow it down and Stsmford Hill is a smaaaaall place as you know.

  5. BeeH 19/09/2014 at 3:49 pm

    Duchess! Are you jumping to conclusions too fast or are you one track minded?
    When I wrote that perhaps you should get an update from the Met, it was regarding your post that you were not aware that a third person had been arrested and NOTHING whatsoever to do with the race or faith of the suspect.
    Whoever is guilty should be dealt with by the Law and YES, even if it were an OJ.

  6. BeeH 21/09/2014 at 1:08 am

    That’s a real refined choice of language for a Duchess no less!

  7. Jack 22/09/2014 at 10:19 am

    You seem to think that you are so clever that you can run a few Twitter accounts and different blogs, and that will make your fabricated stories more believable.
    In fact it’s quite good that you have come out with such garbage with this story, the same applies to the lunatic from NY that you quote stupidly.
    This is a story which has shocked the community, and this community is very close knit, and everyone has somebody who has connections or relatives involved, so a lot of details are well known.
    There is several witnesses, there is plenty CCTV footage, the exact address where he lives is also no secret (and there is Islamic writing above the door), in fact a Police Van was parked outside that house yesterday morning, and Police were asking passersby if anyone saw anything a week ago.
    So you’re ranting on, and fabricating lies and garbage finaly exposes you in your true colours, (possibly because he’s Asian, so who is defending who?) and shows how you have simply jumped to the opportunity to expose your real hatred, and I believe you should be reported for slander. 
    For your information this man tried 3 times that morning to catch boys, unfortunately 1 out of 3 he managed to get, so we have enough witness accounts, as the other 2 were older teenagers, and besides, there is 2 witnesses, one who saw the man with the boy, and one who saw the man talking to one of the teenagers, and saw him entering his house.
    There is much more, but you know better, so next time before you go ranting on and fabricate a story try somewhere else, there is too much evidence against you, and thanks to your vile accusations now we all know not to believe you, and for those like you who did take that nutter in NY seriously, they now know that he also fabricates stories, that’s why he’s not accepted anywhere and has sadly become a bitter selfhating Jew as a result.

    • Duchess of Hackney 22/09/2014 at 11:32 am

      Listen Jack stop pissing on my leg while trying to convince me it’s raining. We both know the truth and the more you protest the more obvious it becomes.

      Even some of your own people admit the extent of child molestation within your community, yet nobody does anything about it.

      If the police were looking for the suspect, they would have made a media appeal, or posted it on their press office website. If a police van was parked outside the house on Old Hill St yesterday, it was obviously an attempt by the Police to get collaborating evidence or 2 see if they can get some OJ’s with knowledge to talk, which is near enough impossible.

      Isn’t it odd that so far, no Jewish blog or newspaper is reporting that an Asian man was seen running away. In fact it’s been the opposit.

      Check out this local Haredi blog. Y’all really love to gossip dontcha?

      Oh and the Rabbi in New York? Sure he’s a little kooky, but it doesn’t make him a “nutter” “deranged” or a liar.


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