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Sounds like “Fat Nick” is mentally ill and not a militant

Sounds like “Fat Nick” is mentally ill and not a militant

Apparently his name is Nicholas Salvatore. Police haven’t confirmed anything yet, but it hasn’t stopped people including those who should know better from describing the man being held by police on suspicion of murdering Palmira Silva, as a “converted Muslim”.  This morning some were even labeling him a Nigerian and locals who  know him as “Fat Nick”, on account of his large frame  described him as a wannabe cage fighter.

Salvadore isn’t a common Nigerian name so I’m guessing if he is Nigerian, it must be a stage name. But I could be wrong. As a kid, I had friends in Nigeria whose last names were Da Silva, so you never know.

LBC’s Nick Ferrari was in full throttle this morning whipping up hysteria in his usual right wing tabloid evangelistic way, preaching to the lowest denominator during his morning show.

He was killing cats on his street before he beheaded Palmira. That alone tells me he’s a mentally sick  person who has been influenced by recent be headings of  American journalists.

What I want to know is how badly did the police f**k this fella up. Over 24 hours and he still hasn’t been questioned, which tells me he sustained serious injury. But how serious?





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