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Paul Ross has big bi dirty fling, wifey stands by her man

Paul Ross has big bi dirty fling, wifey stands by her man

So many people on line claiming he’s using the drugs as a cop out to his man to man action and that he is gay.  I reckon bi-sexual or bi curious best describes him, but drugs will ALWAYS melt away your inhibitions.

I’m guessing the guy was gonna sell his story, so Paul beat him to it. Too bad for his kids and wife.

The Sun is offering a free months trial but they want your debit card details, address etc., first. Screw em but I came across this on a web site forum.


BBC star Paul Ross last night confessed to cheating on his wife of ten years in a drug-fuelled gay affair.
Ross, 58, was filmed with his lover. He told The Sun on Sunday: “I’ve done things beyond awful.”

He told how he snorted deadly drug mephedrone up to six times a day during his year-long gay affair.

Dad-of-five Ross, 57, started cheating on wife Jackie with former English teacher Barry Olivier after having sex with him in bushes at a dogging hotspot.

The big brother of chat show star Jonathan, Ross co-hosts BBC Radio London’s weekday breakfast show and regularly appears as a showbiz reporter on ITV’s This Morning.

But his life span out of control as he became hooked on the class B stimulant. Admitting that he is undergoing counselling for drugs, Ross said: “Would I describe myself as an addict? Yes, I would.

“The person I have been over the last 14 months isn’t someone I recognise. I have done things I didn’t even think it was possible for a human being to do.”

Despite the affair, Jackie — who married Ross in 2004 — is standing by him. She said: “I’m not wiping out a 14-year relationship for six months of madness, I’m not. Because I know he loves me.”

Ross — who took part in filmed romps with Barry — broke down as he told The Sun on Sunday how the stress of financial ruin led him to visit a dogging site looking for casual sex.

Ross said: “Two years ago we had an absolutely hellish time financially, like nothing we’d known.

“I suddenly got whacked for a massive tax bill. I sold DVDs on eBay and we sold furniture at auctions.”

Ross said he was “too proud” to get help from his wealthy brother Jonathan.

He and Jackie didn’t have sex for a year as stressed Ross become impotent — and even Viagra did not work.

In need of an “escape” he drove to a secluded wooded spot, named the Thicket Roundabout near his home in Maidenhead, Berks, to watch couples having sex.

Recalling the first time he met Barry, Ross — paid £80,000 a year by the BBC — reveals: “I went a couple of times and watched people have sex. I was there one day and I saw Barry with another guy and they were going into the bushes.

“I followed them. I ended up having sex with him in the bushes.”

Ross and Barry, a 57-year-old dad of four, began an affair, meeting regularly at his ground-floor flat in

Not quite a hot rent boy eh?

Not quite a hot rent boy eh?


Barry claims the star would get up at 4am most mornings and drive to Barry’s flat to have sex and snort mephedrone before starting his daily radio breakfast slot. Ross strongly denies doing drugs before his show.

He lost a stone and a half hooked on mephedrone, and recalled the first time he tried it — also known as meow meow.

He said: “In November things got better financially. And then in about February, Barry got in touch and we met in the car park.

“We went back to his. There was some white powder on his kitchen top with some straws and then he took a couple of hits of this stuff.

“I tried it. Then I got this immediate euphoria.

“I was on telly in the Eighties and drugs were all around and I never tried them. Anyway, so I tried this stuff and then we had sex and it was just incredibly intense.

“I drove home. I lay down and I had this stuff in me and Barry was sexting me and I was sexting him. He said, ‘Wow that was fantastic.’

“What I didn’t know then was that it makes you feel like you are in heaven when in reality you are actually going to hell.

“It escalated very quickly. I would be thinking about it all the time.

“So I found myself in a position very quickly where it was me asking for it and him offering it.

“I was getting more and more out of control on it and then he started to ask for money. Because I was doing so much and I wanted it, I spent God knows how much money on it over the month, hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

“I would say I was giving him £150 a week.

“It was a dependency that got worse and worse — and I was then doing five or six lines of it.”

But things came to a head three weeks ago when Jackie tracked her husband’s phone using the Find My iPhone app.

She had grown suspicious of her husband spending so much time out of the house. After the gadget located him at Barry’s flat, she phoned to ask where he was. Ross lied and said he was just finishing work.

She stormed round to the address — but no one answered.

Later that day the star tearfully confessed he’d been using drugs for the last six months and that he’d been hiding at his dealer’s place — but kept the affair secret.

It wasn’t until ten days ago when Barry texted Jackie and the full betrayal unravelled.

Barry told her Ross was planning to divorce her and marry him. Jackie begged Ross to seek professional help — and the star cut all ties with his lover.

Jackie is stepmum to Paul’s four daughters aged 23, 21, 19 and 17 and his 32-year-old son.

She said: “I know 90 per cent of Paul is a good man. He’s a good dad. I feel the sex was part of the mephedrone package, I don’t see it as a gay relationship, I see it as part of the drugs.

“I’m not letting that vile little gargoyle destroy what we’ve got.”

Last night Ross admitted: “It was all about the drugs.

“I have started counselling for my drug addiction. I have had two sessions already. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been.

“Jackie has been amazing through this. She is such a brave woman and she doesn’t deserve what I have put her through.”

Misery of lover he left

HEARTBROKEN Barry Olivier said he believed Ross had fallen “head over heels” in love with him — and felt

betrayed when their fling ended.

Former English teacher Barry showed The Sun on Sunday a journal in which he and Ross used to pen love notes to each other using the pet names Puck and Pea.

Barry wept as he said: “He told me he loved me every single day. How can he deny it now?”

The father of four — who did not know who Ross was when they first met at a dogging spot in Maidenhead, Berks — added: “I believe that he loved me.

“He would not go a day without writing me a love letter or showing me in some little way.

“He called me Puck and I called him Pea — he only called me Barry when he was cross with me and vice versa.

“He told me he loved me almost every moment we were together.

“We were not on drugs all the time. There are plenty of times neither of us took drugs.

“I cooked for him and I made him his lunch before he went to work and he would iron my shirts.

“We’d fall asleep on each other and wake up together — how is that not love?

“I felt he loved me and I begged him never to string me along and he promised he never would. I’m heartbroken. I feel like a fool.”

The journal has pictures and letters Ross wrote to Barry when he was at work. In one Paul wrote: “Fank you 4 my muffin. And for being my love/stud muffin. And my Sleeping Beauty. And my Lollipop x.”

In another, after driving in Ross’s car, he wrote: “Wot a lovely lovely lovely treat to drive with you and talk and be close and normal and unhurried. So lovely. Like you.”

Paul and wifey Jackie who calls hubbys former lover a "gargoyle", She's standing by her man though.

Paul and wifey Jackie who calls hubbys former lover a “gargoyle”, She’s standing by her man though.


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