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Yo Julie Bindel, it’s not sex workers who have issues – it’s you

Yo Julie Bindel, it’s not sex workers who have issues – it’s you

It’s just before 6 am. I’ve been awake for an hour and will take the dogs out for a short walk, they’ll get a longer one later today.

I need some new content to keep this damn blog halfway relative, so I’ll include a comment I left on yet another tedious feminist piece written by Julie Bindel in The Guardian.  You know how I feel about woman who feel the need to constantly declare themselves that? They aren’t the genuine article. I always keep in mind Bindel get’s paid by the words the more controversial the better for her and the Guardian.

Dear Julie

I am not a lesbian but I did use to frequent a strip joint in Texas some years ago. My aim wasn’t to get my jollies off, but to enjoy some surf and turf (that’s lobster and steak) for $3.95. It included a baked potato. The food was cheap but quite good, the booze was exorbitant, but I never paid as I was always able to snag some fella to escort me there. As you are aware females are not allowed into many a strip joints in America unless escorted by a male.

My other reason for going was to entice some of the gals there to work for my escort service, which I succeeded in doing until management found out and I was banned.

Glad to hear their no unescorted females policy is being challenged.

And Julie, get a grip….although I see you have a book to promote hence all the claptrap.


A sassy sista.

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