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Shereka Marsh death, random acts of madness and her schools shameful response

Shereka Marsh death, random acts of madness and her schools shameful response


Four years ago another young black girl was shot in the neck in a greasy fried chicken shop in Hoxton as she stood in a line to be served and died two days later. On Saturday, just like Agnes Sina Inakoju, Shereka Marsh died from a single gun shot wound to her neck – They were a year apart in age when their life’s were cut short.

And so begins the obligatory collective hand wringing, ghoulish over sentimental out pouring (you just have to look at the Facebook memorial page) and the fight by individuals to have a bigger Facebook memorial page. Then there are the calls from folks about tackling gun and gang culture, which is laudable, but calls, statements and news reporting will end soon – until the next tragic incident.

Don’t look to the police, government or council for initiatives or think more funding will help, because the culture is here to stay. I’ve said this before, the real beast is the nihilism and warped culture of the streets, and how it feeds into and off of the ranker elements of black pop culture. Hell, Snoop Dogg and the big booty girls are so mainstream he’s now showing up in motor insurance ads, here in the UK. Some kids don’t stand a chance. Claudia Aderotimi died trying to attain a big butt, so she could star in hip hop videos.

As long as our young boys hero worship crude, gaudy semi-illiterate, hip hoppers who tell them it’s ok to want to be a gangsta, grab their crotches, talk about their ho’s and niggerz  and still pay tribute to ghetto thug values there will be no end to this craziness. For some there is no long term education plans, no career, wife, kids, and a two up two  down terraced house anywhere in their dreams.

And the girls? Barely pubescent school girls pouting, posing provocatively, shaking their booty’s in selfies seems to be the norm just like the big booty girls in the rap and hip hop videos. It saddens me that so many have known nothing except Facebook, text talk and some weird language I’m told is English, but I don’t understand.

Both Agnes and Shereka didn’t deserve to die, neither were in gangs and we don’t know if Shereka was aware her boyfriend owned a gun.

Every so often we are told by law enforcement in Hackney of raids on street level drug dealers, gangs and their arsenal of weapons, but what about the people who are at the top of the criminal totem poles? I never hear of big time illegal gun dealers being taken down. You aim for the big ‘uns not the chump change wannabees.

I remember Sheldon Thomas mention on a radio show a few years back saying that there was something like two main criminal families that are behind a lot of the guns flooding the streets, I can’t confirm this, but surely if this is fact, the police should know this or is it that they feel black males are disposable and want them to kill each other. That’s my black helicopter in the sky conspiracy theory for the day.

Not too long after Agnes Sina Inakoju was killed, I remember her brother telling me how the family of one the accused (now convicted), laughed, jeered and blamed them when they ran across them in the court house, during pre-trial hearings.  That’s the kind of family influence some of them have.

Tributes have been paid to Shereka, by many including the Jamaican High Commissioner to the UK who met Shereka just 9 days before she was killed, Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote and Hackney Labour Councillor Vernon Patrick:



However, the school both she and the 15 year old boy who accidentally shot her attended, The Urswick School on Paragon Road, have yet to make an official statement.  In fact if anything, they have tried to distance themselves by removing the news item of the Jamaican High Commissioner’s visit to the school, where Shereka was a prefect and one of four students picked to accompany the dignitaries around the school. The page which also includes photo’s of Shereka and the visitors was removed sometime on Saturday evening. Make what you want of it, but my feeling is they don’t want to taint their schools reputation? Especially not after they were ranked one of the top 100 schools in England by the Dept. of Education.

I called the school yesterday for a response and didn’t hold my breath waiting for a call back, because it never came. They did however post an obligatory tweet on Monday:

I love this Nina Simone song, “Young Gifted and Black” and remember the Marcia Griffiths version being in the pop charts when I was a kid. Nina’s original version however emotes passion, urgency, pride and love. It speaks directly to us. I dedicate it to Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh and the young man who shot her on Saturday.

“Young, gifted and black
We must begin to tell our young
There’s a world waiting for you
This is a quest that’s just begun

When you feel really low
Yeah, there’s a great truth you should know
When you’re young, gifted and black
Your soul’s intact”

Requiescat in pace.  Your soul’s intact Shereka.


Not sure if they took a cue from this blog, but I notice the Urswick School  have finally made a statement, but I think it’s cheeky they back dated to Monday 24th. Now I could be wrong and they actually sent it out to parents on Monday, but only decided to post on their web site today.

I also notice the Hackney Gazette is still picking flesh of the bones of this story. I mean how many times are going to quote Facebook message. Not trying blow my own trumpet but I bet Emma what’s her face at the Gazette  read this and then contacted them.

My late grandma use to say “Chicken can only taste so good”. I say; there’s only so many ways you can cook chicken.

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