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Cyclist in Aldgate East Killed after collision with bus

Cyclist in Aldgate East Killed after collision with bus

Yet another one and it involves a 205 bus, late last night at about 11.30 pm on Whitechapel Road, at the junction of Commercial Road. I woke up just after 3 am and began working on a web site that needs to be live pronto, but having infuriating problems with certain things not working and turned on the radio. Not much information except he was in critical condition  at a hospital, and the bus driver was treated for shock.

While typing this, I hear on LBC he has since died of his injuries. Wow, the fifth cyclist to be killed in 9 days and second in 24 hours. I think at this point some of you militant cyclists and campaigners can stop blaming drivers or Boris for not doing enough. While I am not laying blame on any of the cyclists involved in any of yesterday’s collisions, I think it’s also safe to partially blame Boris for making everyone think they can be cycling heros.

And oh, this is not Amsterdam.

Anyone with any information or witnesses to the collision are asked to call the police non-emergency line on 101.


Source: Images: @NotAGateway & @KenningtonPOB

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