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Another fatality at Bow roundabout: Female cyclist killed

Another fatality at Bow roundabout: Female cyclist killed

Bow roundabout image:  @aglet

It’s been a tragic and unbelievable morning in London.  A woman has been killed at the notorious Bow interchange.

What the police have said so far: She’s in her 20’s, collided with a lorry at about 8:47 am and was pronounced dead at the scene. It is believed the lorry was travelling west along the A11, entering the roundabout to turn south towards the Blackwall Tunnel. The cyclist is believed to have been travelling in the same direction when the collision occurred.

The male driver of the lorry stopped at the scene. There have been no arrests.

And it’s just not her.

Was listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC this morning, the segment was about people being killed or injured by London buses.

About 10 minutes into it, there was a report of a female cyclist on Vauxhall Bridge in a collision.  No sooner the shows roving reporter arrived at that scene, came another incident, this time on Millbank. The female cyclist on Vauxhall bridge suffered minor leg injuries, was treated at the scene the fella in Millbank has life threatening injuries.

Then came the news of female cyclist in Bow. All these deaths just when I have decided to take up cycling. Not that I’m aiming for cycling on busy roads. Parks, canals and side streets, is what I’m limiting myself to.

But I’ll be honest; there isn’t enough room on London’s streets for vehicles and bikes.   I’ve said it’s plain crazy and I still think so and I anticipate more accidents and deaths.

Stay safe cyclists.





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