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Will Self’s police profiling may have given campaign against stop and search a boost

Will Self’s police profiling may have given campaign against stop and search a boost

Things just got real for Will Self. Just as Andrew Mitchell found out what it was like to be stitched up by the police, writer and Stoke Newington resident Will Self, unfortunately found out what it was like to be profiled by the police. They are both high profile, privileged white men, with Self being a darling of the chattering literati set.  Peoples, the Stop and Search campaign has entered a whole new other realm!

Nels Abbey wrote a biting piece in The Voice On Line.

“N0 11-YEAR-OLD child should have to see his parent treated like a criminal for no reason whatsoever. And no Englishman enjoying a ramble with his son should face examination by police at the roadside on suspicion of being a sexual predator,” Will Self said on being stopped and profiled as a suspected paedophile by the police.

Ladies and gentlemen of Great Britain, we are closer than we have ever been or could ever be to seeing the end of ‘stop and search’. Yes we know it is counterproductive and hardly leads to any convictions and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, is looking into it et cetera, et cetera and la di da. But trust me when I say this – none of the above will have anything like the effect that this small, seemingly inconsequential, incident involving Will Self will have.

Will Self, a writer, scholar, husband, father and – most importantly in this context – posh and privileged white man, was profiled, stopped and questioned by the police. Jesus wept. And so did Will Self. In fact, Will wept all the way to the usually pro-stop and search Daily Mail for whom he wrote an article describing in some detail his very distressing experience.

Nearly every newspaper picked up on his plight. They chorused in outrage ‘how can a man (i.e. a white man) be profiled as a paedophile whilst on a walk with his son?

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