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Prince Andrew is lucky he’s not a black man – he’d be dead

Prince Andrew is lucky he’s not a black man – he’d be dead

Gosh these royal cops are jumpy eh? I imagine security in and around Buckingham Palace have been so heightened since last weeks break-in, that even Andrew was challenged by armed palace security while taking a leisurely stroll around the palace grounds on Wednesday evening.

What I want to know is how the two numpty cops didn’t recognize him. I understand he had arrived earlier from a soirée in Central London, so could it be Andy sneaked a lady friend in and had gone out for some al fresco nookie or was he in drag or fancy dress? I mean how hard is it to note recognize him. Suffice to say there are two red faced officers, pissed of bosses but most of all a really pissed off Andrew who by the way has since received an apology, but not before tearing each officer new ass h***s.

According to The Sunday Express: “He was suddenly pounced upon by an officer, and another was not far behind.
They shouted all the usual, put your hands up and get on the ground, and both pointed their guns straight at him. Eventually, after he insisted he was Prince Andrew, the penny finally dropped, and they put their guns away”.

He must have bricked it there and then, but I hate to imagine what the result would have been if Andrew had been a black man. As jittery as these palace cops are, there would have been a strong possibility one of them would have pulled the trigger and we would be hearing a different story today.  Maybe that of the “suspected perp” charging at them or the usual assassination of character by the Daily Mail, based on “information” fed to them by their “police sources.”

Jean Charles de Menezes, Azelle Rodney and Mark Duggan didn’t stand a chance or were as lucky as Andy.




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