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Lots of young black people from Hackney missing and Pauline Pearce wants to be an MP

Lots of young black people from Hackney missing and Pauline Pearce wants to be an MP

This is my buy one get one free post of the week – two blog posts in one.

Yes they’re all children of colour.  Maybe the warmer weather is an attribute, but since May there appears to be more that the usual amount going missing in the borough. And they are not being abducted, they’re leaving of their free will.

Hardly a week goes by when a press appeal doesn’t arrive in my Hackney Hive inbox, appealing for yet another young person who has gone missing and judging from some of the names that re-appear,  a few are habitual runaways.

In the past four weeks there have been at least 4 black youngsters (mostly girls aged 12-15) police in Hackney have alerted the public to, but who knows how many others there really are.  So you have to wonder, why are they doing so and why are these black families being affected?

I stared hard and long at the image of a fifteen year old girl who was reported missing last month, a month before then, she had been found. I wondered what would drive her to run away so much, how bad could things be and was she in care or with her natural parents. I wondered what would have made me leave home to uncertainty at her age, and couldn’t come up with with one reason. While I’ll agree no child runs away from home without some degree of discord or dysfunctional toxic relationships at home, am I being unfair, even simplistic in saying kids today are a different breed? Have grown use to instant gratification and quite frankly a petulant lot of so and so’s?

What I do know is I would hate to start all over again and be a teenager today. Apparently the happiness of this country’s children is in decline, with teenagers experiencing particularly “low well-being”, this according to the Children’s Society in a report published last month.


Pauline Pearce is eying Whitehall

Oh lawd make it stop, please make it stop.

She’s baaaaaaaack!!!!

She barely made a mark when she ran for Lib Dem Councillor in 2012,  but the woman who cussed out rioters on Clarence Road in patois while waving her walking stick in the air,  says she’s considering becoming an MP.  Hackney Heroine aka Pauline Pearce wants to stand in the 2015 election. Pearce is really buying into the hype that died a while back or has all the thick smoke the Lib Dems blown up her ass, got her convinced she could become Diane Abbott’s Successor.

I noticed she wasn’t paraded as much this year to “commemorate the 2nd anniversary” of the 2011 summer riots, but she managed to make some cringe-worthy rounds of the press, where she couldn’t explain what community policing was.  She said something stupid about “plastic police”. Pearce has done nothing more than self promote even gone as far as showing her breasts.

She’s described as an activist, yet I can’t think of anything of  substance she has done in Hackney or for the people of Hackney she purports  to represent and care about, so I have decided if Pauline Pearce does attempt to become an MP, so will my dog (as an Independent).  Can I count on ya’lls support? 🙂

I’ve googled briefly and still unsure, so I will call Hackney Council today and even if the answer is no, I will still do it. Heck he’d be no more of a gimmick than her, and remember last election we had another joke – Columnist Suzanne Moore.

Maybe, Pauline Pearce can start working with groups that deal with troubled children, I mean the woman bleats on constantly about disadvantaged people and youth in Hackney. Get stuck in girl and stop being the Lib Dems fetch n step aunt Jemimah.


It will be a Ruff  campaign

“It will be a wuff campaign but I have the intwest of all the hoomans and ahnimals in Hackney at ‘art. I will fight for you all. ” Vote for me.



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