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Twitter silence is for priviliged white middle class women……

Twitter silence is for priviliged white middle class women……

….Who don’t speak for me.  Stella Creasy, Caitlin Moran, Caroline Criado-Perez and the rest of the mob have been whoring themselves out to every media outlet. Nothing wrong with raising awareness on pathetic men in 3 day encrusted skid marked boxers spouting nonsense from their laptops, but their feelings of self entitlement and importance makes me want to puke.

As recently as yesterday at the behest of Gavin Redknap (a Hackney resident), trolls on a football forum called for me to be burned alive (see last blog entry). The same people have also called to have my face smashed in and last weekend I received a phone call from an unknown number, threatening to behead me, because of my Nigerian heritage.

Now just like threats made to the feminist sisters, who’ve gone wailing to authorities and anyone who will listen, I don’t for one minute believe any harm will come to any of them or me, but I’m always prepared. In fact I stand a better chance marrying top tier British royalty, (even Sean Penn who I have always had a slight crush on) than being blown up by these keyboard social misfits who troll twitter, so let’s not kid ourselves.

Ever wondered why I say some of the things I say? I’m still an angry black woman badly let down by the Met Police. Still, I consider myself lucky as I don’t think I could have been as gracious as the likes of Doreen Lawrence, Janet Adler, Marcia Rigg, and the countless men and women who have lost loved ones and still fighting for justice.

There have been other instances, but lets start with this:

THE FOLLOWING WAS POSTED ON ANOTHER BLOG 4 YEARS AGO.  I was arrested a few month later.

It’s said our reputation often precedes us, which is why I guess Daniella (I’ve been calling her Danielle it’s actually Daniella) and Colm Carty were able to get away with so much and come out looking like the “victims”. It’s no secret I give lip. I don’t suffer fools gladly for any one and I can cuss worse than a drunken sailor when anyone crosses me. Other than those occasions I am quite unassuming and keep to myself. However, Colm Carty and Daniella wasn’t having any of it and never gave me a chance. But hey, I’m the slightly cooky single female living with her dogs.

I moved in next door to them on a Wednesday. The movers delivered my furniture and larger things in the middle of the day. Later that evening I returned with my nieces as I wanted someone with the dogs as I was coming and going.

On the Thursday afternoon as my nieces and I sat down to relax with DVD’s and pizza, when I heard loud banging on the door, only to be met by a very irate Colm Carthy who was soon joined by Daniella, wanting to know how many dogs I had. Wol started yelling about how I made so much noise moving in late at night. I told her I had left somethings in my car trunk. However when she brought up me making noise early in the morning as I left home, I decided to get my nieces out of harms way and yelled at them to run up stairs…I mean who knew what this angry man and woman could do. I didn’t know them from Adam’s house slippers. They even attempted to involve other neighbours who just told them to go away. It was so obvious these were just very unpleasant people who wanted to make me miserable.

With my nieces and dogs locked in a room upstairs I let both of them have it and slammed the door in their face. The next day I noticed Colm Carthy taking photos of my then 12 year old niece, which creept her out. I decided to cut their visit short and asked my sister to pick them up after she finished work, which she did and was met by Daniella who not only took a photo of my sister walking towards the house, but also of her car and registration plates. My sister didn’t come in as the girls were at the door to meet her and even as they walked back to the car Daniella still carried on taking photos.

This continued when anyone would come to the house, even the guys delivering take away. Complaining to the police did little to stop them until a client threatened her when she she taunted her as she walked to my door. How she never had the shit kicked out of her is beyond me and I was tempted.

When the dogs where out playing in the back yard they would often be provoked by Daniella Wol or Colm Carty, some times by throwing objects at them, which would make them bark and throw themselves at the fence that seperated both properties. When they knew I was not at home, they would often bang on the walls again to provoke the dogs and then call the noise abatement department at the local council. I’d often come home after a trip to the supermarket to find noise abatement officials siting across the road in their vehicle. When fire works season came along, they would often let off fire works to provoke the dogs. One evening two ladies from the council showed up at my doorstep telling me there were complaints about my dogs barking, I reminded them that there were fire works going off all around us and not only was it not just my dogs barking but every other dog in the neighborhood. Imagine dogs barking at fireworks.

My dogs are not barkers, sure they bark when someone comes to the door or whenever those wretched leaflet droppers drop their garbage through the door, but they NEVER bark uncontrollably. And why should they, I’m always at home with them and they have each other. Of course when I play with them or they play with each other it can get a little boisterous, but that’s happy dogs for you. It was always in the day time and not late at nights. Evenings finds them cozying up next to me while I watched TV or under my desk while I wrote or worked.

Daniella Wol always played the defenseless scared woman with a young child to protect from the ferocious crazy woman(me) next door. She always used that line with the police.

It was easy for me to look like the bad guy, with my in your face attitude to every official who came there, the police, the asbo people and the, noise abatement. Not once did they think of me and my dogs as victims. In caused undue stress, anxiety, confusion and fear of leaving my home to the point where I had to give up work for a while. After they threw the stone that went through the kitchen window it was more than I could handle. They never got arrested for it, but I did….




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