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Oh do shut up Stella Creasy, a 12 year old girl really got raped in Walthamstow

Oh do shut up Stella Creasy, a 12 year old girl really got raped in Walthamstow

Not one to shy away from the limelight, uber self promoter Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow has been all over the media whinging about abusive and threatening tweets coming from misfits wearing three day old skid marked underwear, while a 12 year old girl actually got raped on Saturday in Creasys hood. While she was giving interviews and re tweeting  messages from pathetic trolls, a little girl was being pinned down by two men who in turn raped her.

You see while Creasy and her buddy Carolne Criado-Perez were re-tweeting abusive tweets, tweeting their followers links of their next media appearance or that they were in the green room at a news station and generally basking in the spotlight, a little girl was being pinned down by two men who in turn raped hereasy’s constiutrncy. That is RAPE, not what bored trolls post on Twitter.

She claims three young guys (described as 17-19) took her to a garage on Hibbert Road, just after midnight on Friday/Saturday, they didn’t give warning on Twitter, real perps don’t. Not sure why her parents allowed her on out on her own at that time of night, but that’s a whole other question.  From what police have released, she appears to have given good descriptions and I’ll wager they will be arrested by the end of today, if not, then quite soon. Between stored DNA and their stupidity they can’t hide for long.

According to the girl, the first said he was 17 and was mixed race but dark-skinned. He had a diamond stud to his left ear and a London accent. He had big brown eyes, short hair, was very skinny and wore a black puffa-style jacket with a hood, black chinos, black trainers (possibly FILA) and a grey/black t-shirt. He said his name was Mo.

The second was black and very tall with big lips. His hair was partly shaven and he wore black trousers and a red and blue shirt.

The third male (who did not rape her) was black and had a moustache. He wore a blueish coloured hoodie and a red and blue cap. He said his name was Miles. I’d say that narrows them down, won’t you?

Stella Creasy (l) Caroline Criado-Perez (r)

Stella Creasy (l) Caroline Criado-Perez (r)

The Twitter hysteria started last week, with Stella Creasy’s buddy and partner in crime, Caroline Criado-Perez, who was still basking in her recent victory after successfully campaigning to get the bank of England to include a woman on a bank note. Twitter trolls began sending quite vile and threatening messages, some beyond vile were criminal. Creasy came to her defence and soon got her share of abuse, which she seemed to encourage by whipping her supporters and the usual suspect into a predictable frenzy.

Reporting them to law enforcement was the right thing to do, but what I take umbrage to, is this ridiculous campaign both Creasy and Criado-Perez have waged on Twitter to change reporting procedures. Personally I think it’s adequate although I agree it needs some tweaking, as I have found it cumbersome and confusing in the past. Agreeing to Creasy and her posse’s proposals will kill the spirit of Twitter, allowing people who disagree with you or just plain mean, to report you at the drop of a dime. It happens to me all the time. If you are a regular to this site, you would be aware of the times one particular group, actually a handful of yahoo’s right here in Hackney have gone as far as filing police reports on me, which have led police to call and email me numerous times, just because I have posted the TRUTH about them.

Getting a leg up?

Getting a leg up?

Creasy and Criado-Perez demanded to be heard and took it badly after Twitters Manager of  Journalism and News,  Mark S Luckie, decided to temporarily lock his account after he himself received a barrage of abuse from account holders in the UK. To hear Creasy and other other feminazi’s, you would think he went into cowardly hiding and was unhelpful. Listen up Creasy, outside of the UK, heck even outside of London and Whitehall, no one knows who you are. You really think he was going to drop everything just for you, because you are a member of parliament? If you can’t handle Twitter, delete your account, I won’t miss you. You would just love if you were credited with any change Twitter is to bring about concerning their abuse policy, but I hope they don’t buckle in to you or the UK government.

Last year some of her actions resulted in me blogging about her, when she didn’t check her facts and lazily attempted to use Chris Browns domestic abuse conviction to promote another one of her projects.


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