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It’s a boy and it’s safe to say the monarchy will continue…..

It’s a boy and it’s safe to say the monarchy will continue…..

…..Thanks to all you misty eyed monarchy loving sons of bitches.

The notion of a monarchy is something I abhor. For me it’s a reminder of Britain’s colonial imperialistic past and so much about a society that shouldn’t exist today.

It’s been easy for me to avoid all things royal and baby since yesterday, been up to my eyeballs with work and trying to stay cool.  However I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t pay my own homage to Kate and her baby who one day maybe king. I say maybe, because maybe one day y’all will come to your senses and kick em out. But you lot won’t.

Yes, I caught a bit of Sky News late last night and even Kay Burley who never does the evening shift, was babbling away late into the night outside the Lindo Wing hardly able to contain her excitement and just a few minutes ago I watched as they brought out the kid who might one day be king, to show the world. To prove my heart isn’t a totally dank cold vessel that pumps ice, I admit, I did experience an “aaaah” moment and not because he’s part of the monarchy, but because who can’t resist a new born baby?

Britain, what is it about these privileged inbreeds that excite you and other anglophiles all over the world….and you Americans are the worst offenders.

Oh and the cake? It can also be presented to a mum to be, at a baby shower.

More of my views on Britain (Even though you never asked).


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