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Here is the deal Gavin Redknap (EDL sympathizer)

Here is the deal Gavin Redknap (EDL sympathizer)


I almost removed the post and family album yesterday, but just read some of your continuing gibberish, lies and incitements, so now it stays.

Contrary to what you claim I have not removed anything but since you claim I called you a racist I’m sure you have proof.  Surely a print out or screen shot you showed the cops?

You don’t have a leg to stand on. The fact is posting as Gavros you made disparaging remarks about black people in general,  some of which Steve deleted in his first cull. That’s all water under the bridge now, but it’s what set everything else in motion. You decided to play big bad guy and didn’t reckon on me socking it right back atcha did ya?

Either you never contacted the cops or if you did, they probably told you, you were just as guilty as me.  So far you’ve asked for my site to be hacked, you’ve worked up the goons and racists on WHO into such a frenzy, they are calling for me to be “stitched up” and I see some are asking for my face to be smashed in.

Here’s the deal Gav. I know they are all a bunch of girls blouses just as you are and spouting bull shit via a keyboard, but just in case any of them actually thinks of causing me any physical harm I will kill them.  Anyone shows up without being invited, I promise will be hurt as I am prepared to protect myself.

12 years ago I shot someone in my home (not in UK) – it was self-defense.  Don’t worry he lived and it was a miracle, since I didn’t have my glasses on. I mentioned it in a post a couple of years ago on this blog.

Gavs and friends posts :

Norflundon 3:32 Sat Jul 20to
Re: Abuse, RIP
I might be stating the obvious here but why don’t you just smash her face in…….
Usually works for me when somebody pisses me off…..

Gavros 11:57 Sat Jul 20
Re: Abuse, RIP
Well the good thing is that ages now claiming she never called me a racist (having deleted exactly that on her thread about me and clearly displaying clear racist tendencies of her own). Libel laws, eh?
Leigh Jim 6:26 Sat Jul 20
Re: Abuse, RIP
Norf – gav knows her name apparentlyGavros – send it to me – I couldn’t give a fuck so will happily stitch the cunt up
Gavros 12:22 Wed May 29
Re: EDL Donors – Have you seen the list?!
come on stirling, dont get lumped in with the fools who think that’s actually real.I find it interesting that everyone who attended the EDL demonstrations (around 10k across the country) were labelled idiotic fascists to a man by a bunch of middle class wankers, when those same people are at pains to point out that being a Muslim doesnt mean youre extremist. Nice double standards.
westhammerer 1:33 Sun Jul 21
Re: Abuse, RIP
Can I just say that while I found Gavros to be a really small minded right wing, xenophobic cunt, there is no need for the pearl necklace he betrothed a bint with splayed on a blog read by three people.
Gavros 10:50 Sat Jul 20
Re: Abuse, RIP
Oh so i see the mods aint done anything about it….im also fucking amazed that someone in my work replied to her message when I told them that the police had specifically instructed not to.

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