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Hey London and West Ham fans, my state of the country ramblings

Hey London and West Ham fans, my state of the country ramblings

So this week someone from Hackney decided they didn’t like what I wrote on this here blog and decided to confront me on another website. He didn’t reckon on me discovering who he really was, hey, I didn’t either, but he let something slip. Seriously, I’m no genius, I get by on what I have.

In the past we’ve exchanged views on Hackney Hive which he visits some times, but this week with the backing of his football hooligan buddies and cowardly bravado, he decided to post my name, lies about me and say things about black people he wouldn’t usually say elsewhere. The dude was emailing me until yesterday afternoon telling me I was out of line but being polite enough hoping I’d remove the post dedicated to he and his family, but still posting stuff about me,  fueled by false bravado and his on-line buddies. For the record I NEVER called him a racist and he has no proof. He knows what he did was wrong and is trying to make me look like a monster. Monsters are created and Humpty Dumpty was pushed he never fell on his own accord.

So I went all old testament on his ass.  I guess like others he thinks I’m a loud mouth uppity black bitch, so he decided to teach me a lesson and put me in my ‘place’, he didn’t reckon on my wrath.  Yesterday I spoke to the Finance Director where he works and they are looking into his behaviour while using their internet provider and other things.  After reading all the comments on the website he frequents, it got me thinking.

Why don’t all the whingers in England channel all that frustration and hate they have at immigrants, the Scots, Welsh and George Bush and Steve McLaren (or whoever is the latest hate figure in football management) and all that crap into what’s wrong with this shit hole of a country – and it’s not immigrants, because I gotta tell you, England’s got a lot of history, but I don’t see much of a future.  Just calm down a minute and hear me out.

You’ve got a city (London) where no one can afford to buy houses, people who should not die are doing so in NHS hospitals, seriously folks the food sucks, there’s building racial tension,  you find reasons to hate everyone, whether it’s a Polish immigrant “stealing your job” or the the Chelsea fan who lives next to you, and you support West Ham. Y’all love to get angry, you love to get pissed off, you love to have someone to hate.  I know, I’ve inherited some of the same traits over the years.

Everyone’s always pissed off at something, your trains are packed with angry people all the time. Your school leavers  can’t read or write worth a damn and y ‘all still congratulate yourselves for the achievements of soldiers in some distant war a hundred years ago that you yourselves had absolutely nothing to do with and think that it excuses you for the fact that you’ve let a global empire piss right through your hands and you did nothing to stop it.  May I remind you a global empire you ruthlessly stole.

Build new affordable home (and I mean affordable), build a railway system that works, air condition the buses and the underground, forget a third runway at Heathrow and do we really need another London airport or Cross Rail?

And for heavens sake can we have a police force that doesn’t shoot and kill, carry out smear campaigns against innocent grieving families, get into bed with the press and actually show up when you need them, not when someone complains to them about something I’ve written.

Create and celebrate some proper British/English Holiday.  Aside from all the hero worshiping inbred royals, I really enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations last year. If only it wasn’t monarchy related.

You bundle all your national pride into whether of not a football coach can train a team to win a game against Croatia or whether some guy can win a rugby game or not. I spent part of my childhood here in London and we had proper Guy Fawkes day and proper neighbourhood bon fire nights. Even Xmas felt like Xmas, now it doesn’t or maybe it really is just for kids.

Now it seems you just wanna be like all the people you whinge about, like Americans. Since when did we start having school proms? Y’all take it to a whole ‘nother level in this cuntry.  Back in the day it was disco music in the Assembly Hall  and we some smuggled in lemonade shandy :). Then there is Halloween and I hear they celebrated 4th of July in Dalston, although I’m not clear if it was Hackney based yanks or Dalston twats from the shires :).  Don’t get me started on Essex

And man, I cannot stress this enough. You’ve got to stop ending every argument with,  “if you don’t like it leave”. It’s worse than soviet government censorship.

I know y’all adore Bill Hicks because he gave you some
funny new shit to say about Americans that you couldn’t think of yourself,
I’ll end with a quote from him.

“calm down, sit, read, think, shut the fuck up”

*****  This has been typed in a hurry as I have one leg already out of the door….got a backed morning and part of the afternoon. Corrections will be made later.

As you were.






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