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Guess who got pickpocketed this week and getting raped with earphones on.

Guess who got pickpocketed this week and getting raped with earphones on.

There is a reason you will never see me wearing ear phones in public and especially on public transport.  You won’t catch me texting and walking either, because I don’t know how to walk and text, but most of all because I have to be alert  at all times.  I have to hear and see  all around me and feel extremely vulnerable if I can’t.

So I guess I can thank my quirky quirk for preventing me from losing more than an Oyster card on Monday morning, which started off in a bit of a frenzy (nothing new there).  I was running late, when I headed out of the door on my way to Holborn, stopped at news agent to top up my Oyster card, dashed out to the bus stop, when I felt something wasn’t right. I could sense someone behind me and sure enough there was a scruffy looking blond fella, whom I’d noticed on my way into the shop.  I turned around slightly a second time and in my haste saw him again, this time looking rather shifty and then turned away, this time I reached behind my back to check none of the compartments on my backpack was closed which was a bit silly because I should have just taken it off my shoulders.

It wasn’t until I reached the bus stop and took the back pack down, did I realise one of the compartments was flapping wide open and my newly topped up £15 balance unregistered Oyster card was gone. Lucky  for me my purse and 2 mobile phones were zipped up safely.  I don’t know if he reached into my bag or if it dropped out, but had I not sense something wasn’t quite right, he would have gotten away with more.

I was pissed as hell, but you know what? The son of a bitch needed it more than I did, so let him have it.

So why do people decide to drown everything out with music in their ears while out in public? A young woman last week was raped while sunbathing in the park. She’d fallen asleep while listening to music.

Getting so comfortable in a park that you fall asleep with head phones? Let this be a cautionary tale. In your  effort to get lovely brown skin, use caution, take off those damn earphones and make sure  you’re not isolated.

Oh and I saw an e fit photo of the suspect….he looked like a West Ham fan. He was wearing white t shirt and dark track suit pants.




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